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Driving in to Philadelphia!
Driving is fun
Homeland Security?
Thanks for posing, James
Hey I know that guy
SSH Real Estate!
James next to the skyscrapers.. kind of
What's the plaque say?
Looks like we're heading in the right
James takes a picture of the National Constitution Center
Take a good look.. because we did'nt go in it
Despite all the signs telling us to
The visitor center!
Independence Hall! The building where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed
Wow, the Liberty Bell is a lot bigger than we thought!
James poses in front of Independence Hall
A bull and a crazy lady trying to smoke inside
You've changed, Abe..
Security looks through James' bag on the way to the Libaerty Bell
The Liberty Bell!
The obligatory touristy shot!
The back of the Liberty Bell
James gets up close for a shot inside
He thought we were going to Taco Bell
The text on the bell
The infamous crack. I didn't realize there was a thinner crack that kept going
The bottom of the crack
And one more time for good measure
This guy was guarding the exit
You can see it from the street too
Getting closer to Independence hall
Another touristy shot
A documentary?
I meant to take a picture of this horse as I walked by but ended up getting a picture of the dude.. he didn't seem too happy about it
The horse!
Time to ride the subway!
We didn't have anywhere to go, James just wanted to ride the subway
The station
A train rushes by
James asks how the Philly subway works
Feeding the magic box
A token!
Phily subway cred
Train map
We got on at 5th Street
The tracks
A panorama of the station
James waits for the train
The train going by
Waiting to get off
I'm not even sure why I took this picture
Why is my stop in bold? Is the sign speaking to me?
While waiting for the train that goes in the other direction we took some pictures of the skyline
James and the bridge
A train going across the bridge
Ben Franklin Bridge!
Bryce has to drive across this every day to get to work.. and sometimes by accident when he takes the wrong turn
James waits for the train
The train is here!
James gets a Where Is Hippo shot
One of my favorite ammendments
Independence Hall
James walking along
Found on a bench
James getting a picture of Hippo in front of a statue
Washington, Washington. Six foot eight, weighs a f--king ton
It's that wall where the guy from National Treasure found the brick with glasses in it!
The security checkpoint to get into Independence hall
I think you know what it is by now
Another touristy shot
James taking a picture of Washington
Hi Washington
And hell, why not one more
Camera duel!
The flag!
A painting of the signing of.. something
Our tour guide was weird
A court room
Ye olde power plug
The room where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed!
James checks out the room
I stood in front of the Massachusetts table
Don't worry, it's not the real constitution..
This guy went on and on
James looking out the window
Stuff on the desks..
James in front of the Assembly Room
The Massachusetts table
This dude looked just like Ben Franklin. When I pointed him out James burst out laughing
James stands on some stairs
An original printed copy of the Constitution
The first constitution, the articles of confederation
An original printed copy of the Declaration of Independence
The declaration
Something about the constitution in Japanese. I can read "America" and "Alexander Hamilton"
Good guy, that Barry
James has the same phone as me. I always forget and get confused when he pulls his out
James could be a statue some day
Some art thing where they analyzed the state of the union addresses of the presidents and made the most common words larger
The mint!
James hanging out
The Federal Reserve!
My camera!
A whole bunch of statues
Washington? I don't know
Guy on a horse
The same place but with a higher exposure
Naked lady!
Haven't you ever heard of a catfish before?
Bears are for Obama
James next to the Rocky statue
Hanging out with Rocky
The Rocky steps!
That cool building
James sits around
Another neat building
The Philadelphia Museum of Art
A great shot looking down.. some street
A panorama from the top of the Rocky steps
James does the "I did it!" pose after running up the Rocky steps
You are viewing images from 10/27/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 142 pictures.
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