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I bought a pound of silly putty on the internet!
Well.. not brand name silly putty, but the same chemical
Unfortunately, there's no way to make anything that DOESN'T look phallic..
My sweet new No Mercy sign
A model of Baldwin
The back of Baldwin. My apartment is just above the bottom roof on the right.
My Pokemon Ranch people missed me
Brett hanging out
John and his cat Thora
A weird closeup of Brett
I wanted to play Ocarina of time in Brett's room, so I set up the Wii on the floor and my tv in my lap
This dude helped me dig out my car! Thanks dude!
Snow pictures!
I took a lot for Clark James in Thailand
My car has been freed!
Flo got to just wander around loose in Rosie's car
He didn't jump out the window
He enjoyed looking around though
Rosie and Flo hanging out
What's over there, Flo?
Worcester streets
38 Florence!
Flo looking out the back of the car
Brett had to run the rent check over to his landlord
Desert boy in the snow
Rosie's car broke down so I went and rescued Brett and Flo while Rosie waited for AAA
We had to bring Flo in case they towed the car
Brett with Flo
Say hi Flo!
It was awesome to have a cat in the car
I got to pat him at red lights
I love this picture.. Brett running Flo from the apartment to his car
Rosie survived her car dying.. several times
It's all good, Rosie
If you look carefully in this picture you can see Flo peeking his head over the window
I tried to get a picture of that guy in the brown jacket pushing a car and ended up with this.. not what I had in mind but I still thought it was neat and kept it
Waiting at an intersection
Snow driving!
The street outside my mom's house after the second snow storm
Looking up the hill
My mom's house!
Deep snow
Looking across the street
A car driving by
My mom's car all covered in snow
Self picture in the snow
Closeup of some lights
Snowy railing
My mom on the phone
Cookie mix!
A much cleaner shot thanks to James' tripod
James waited while I took a couple of pictures
Great driving conditions
Muffie at Chili's
Looks like I caught Rob off guard
Muffie hanging out in the corner
James hides behind some coasters
Muffie and her friend from school
Rob again
James in Chili's
Rob is flipping me off because I didn't realize he was locked out so instead of letting him in I took his picture.
You are viewing images from 12/21/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 63 pictures.
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