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Becky with her new kitten!
The name hasn't been finalized yet
Hi Becky!
Becky hanging out
Greg was there too
Uncle Peter
Mom and Uncle Chris
Hooray beer
Uncle Michael's Christmas tree
Johnny does the dew
Greg sitting around
What's over there Greg?
Uncle Michael
Caroling time
Couch time
Becky singing
Gragra singing
Melissa got a guitar for Christmas!
Mom and Uncle Michael talking
Melissa by the tree
Becky with the creepy robot Santa
Becky opens a card from dad
Christmas morning!
Dad makes a crazy face
What is it?
Nice hat
Dad opened the present
It matches his t-shirt
I got Bad Company !
Dad's sweet new sweater
Haha, a much nicer tire gauge
Decoy box!
A Victoria's Secret gift card
Time to open another box
I got Dad a digital photo frame
Becky gave Dad another Guinness shirt!
The photo frame in action
Dad couldn't find LittleBigPlanet so he gave me a picture of it and $60
Nice tie
A sweet shower head that changes color with the temperature.
Sweet tops!
Kitties and presents!
Kitty wanders over the presents
Good hiding spot
A brain cell!
Becky's sweet hat
Posing with the hat
Isabelle sitting around
The kitty inspects Becky's new clothes
"This one looks OK"
The 7x7x7 scrambled
Becky tries on.. a bunch of stuff
The solved 7x7x7!
A standard Rubik's Cube next to the 7x7x7
The view from the top
3x3x3, 5x5x5, 7x7x7
Welcome to planet Giant Rubik's Cube
With all the layers twisted a little
Twisted layers seen from the side
Twisted layers closeup
Spots in spots!
Spots in spots in spots!
My mom got me a camcorder! A Canon FS100
A closeup showing the neat grooves in the metal bit in the front
The back of the camera
The hand grip
The back again
the top, power, photo, zoom
The camera when it's open
The buttons
It's so small and light
All of the advanced controls are on the screen
The front with the shutter open
Nice lens
It even has a spiffy light on it!
You are viewing images from 12/27/08 in the main gallery. This set contains 82 pictures.
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