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Main Events being set up
It's Vitamin Water I swear... >_>
Some podcasts for the road
I took the case off of my iPod after several years.. it looks brand new!
Arriving at the Hynes!
Nerds trying to get hotel rooms
A Microsoft Surface table. I tried it. it stunk.
The obligatory hotel room window shot
But hey! This year I can see MIT!
The Greene building
The MIT Dome and the Greene building
A test grid on one of the screens in Main Events
We all came in to check out Main Events
We got a cool circle this year
Big ol' TVs
A crane thing!
Lots of chairs
Unloading stuff in the loading dock
Standing around waiting for stuff to carry
This is how you move lights!
Don't get in the way when they lower stuff!
The elevator wouldn't move or open! We were trapped! Only for a few minutes though
Help us!
Francis in the loading dock
Tech Ops!
Getting everyone together for the staff photo
Oranges and Blues mixing together. How sweet
Mike Lee talks to Stephen
Blue Hair Guy!
Dave takes a Tech staff picture
Mike Lee gives a profanity laden intro speech. Good stuff
Tech people!
More Tech people!
I could see the Citgo sign from my window
Cosplayers in the hall
Where are you taking that white mage?
This guy was being pushed down the hall on a skateboard
Tony came this year!
As Tech staff no less!
An angel fight in the hallway! Go Hikaru!
My schedule with work shifts and intersting events blocked off
Princess Tutu cosplayers in the hall
These guys were kind of creepy
The 3rd floor hallway
I really love this picture
The new B-kun with A-chan in her second year
Mike really went all out this year and got an LED screen!
The big board in Tech
Veronica Taylor: The voice of Ash Ketchum in Pokemon
The audience was rapt
Ash looks pretty psyched to be hanging out with his voice
One of the big screens had a problem..
Mup.sys always takes forever
I felt bad for making all these guys get up and pose but it was totally worth it
Hey it's Boston!
Booo, go away Godzilla!
The Prudential and John Hancock tower
This dude has a suit made out of condoms.. for some reason
Hey I thought they said not to alter the shirts!
He was getting ready to head down to Hentai Dubbing
This guy was pretty cool
A way too blurry shot of a great Dr. Wily
Main Events looked great when it was done
Lights galore!
Condom Man made it way down to Hentai Dubbing. I wouldn't look at what he has in his hand....
Mr. Dick Tripwire takes the stage
Rocking out on stage
They were singing Fat Bottomed Girls
Dick Tripwire was a fan of the guy in the Chewbacca suit
I forget what he said
Getting ready to do a scene
It's tough to talk through the mask
These guys ended up getting a standing ovation for their performance
Tony was having fun
This guy had a good attitude
Nice crown
The guy on the left wanted to get up there so much and was so bad
Asuka's having a good time
People trying to get into the dance.. just getting near it was like walking into a wet, stinky wall
Nigel Sade gave one of the strangest (and coolest) panels I've ever seen
Dunkin' Donuts is always a madhouse in the mornings during AB.. and probably every other day
Some kind of strange drawing in Tech
Water pyramid?
Coordinating the teardown
Desmond marks another room off the big board
Finally! Some Haibane cosplayers! Great work!
Coiling up cables in Ballroom A
Time to put away the DVD players until next year
An extreme closeup of the LED screen
The view from the stage in Main Events
Nabil, our roommate from last year, checks out the LED screen
It was really cool
Tony's going home!
..never to return
Tech people hanging out until the Dead Dog
Standing around the main table
Rick seems to be having a good time
Moving stuff down the hall
Time to play catch!
An easy catch
This guy put in some good effort
You gotta want the ball
Mike Lee eventually shut us down when some senior guy nearly got nailed in the head
Standing outside the Sheraton waiting for the bus
Our hotel!
Ben hanging out outside
I wish I had gotten a jersey..
One of the towers
Getting on the bus!
Nabil really stands out since he's not in the blue light
We kept blasting each other with camera flashes
The Dead Dog location has been revealed! Deadwood, a bowling alley, arcarde, pool hall, and brewery
This guy had the unfortunate task of handing out bracelets
Pool time!
Fun fun
Dave lines up a shot
Sketch and Patrick!
I saw this creepy thing on a mural on the way back
Getting off the bus
Waiting for the Orange Line the next morning
Macaroni was waiting for me when I got home
Little Mac!
Awww, he's sleepy
Becky pulled up in the driveway
That got his attention
A girl and her cat
You are viewing images from 05/24/09 in the main gallery. This set contains 128 pictures.
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