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Ready for action
The view of the street just outside the Tremont, heading to the convention center
I walked by this restaurant all weekend. I should've checked it out..
Clint, one of the fine folks at Gofer Ops
Gofer orientation
Filling out my schedule for Gofering
I drew Jefferson!
Jefferson was amused
Jefferson's extra comment on his schedule
They had some heavy duty pizza at the orientation. I passed
Jefferson's badge
Gofer Ops
Jefferson and other Gofers hanging around in Gofer Ops
The Gofer mascot!
This shot really gives you an idea of the number of people who come to Otakon
The sky outside the Baltimore Convention Center
Pedobear! Ahhh!
A nice panorama from the patio above the line
A fire truck driving by
This woman kept screaming at people to stay in single file
The line wrapped entirely around the building until it doubled up on itself
The guys selling drinks on the street really made a killing
Bryce in his position at the roundtable
Mckeed was having a good time
Amanda and Vic
Bonsly! Don't get hit by him!
Jeff checks something on his phone
Joy and Jeff
Albert was having a better time than he looks here
Bryce's badge
Mckeed at the roundtable
My badge with my spiffy Gofer ribbon
Bryce and I both got one of Vic's "I'm cool with badges"
Bryce has some social lubricant
Gofer Ops again
There was a serious Nerf arsenal at Gofer Ops
Let's go!
I was on food guarding duty for a few hours
I had to make sure people only took one sandwich
I saw Desbond from Anime Boston Tech a few times
These guys had to get food for a whole department
They managed to do it without dropping everything
More Nerf hardware
Gofer Ops hard at work
This sounds gross
Modding more Nerf guns
The gopher!
The aftermath of the Nerf SAW firing
Hit the deck!
You always have to watch your back at Gofer Ops
A white ranger out in the street
A nice Seras cosplayer
Hanging out on an upper level
Must be hard to talk through the helmet
Where's he going with his box?
That's where Otakon is!
This old guy was cosplaying too
A nice Major Kusanagi cosplayer
More water guys
Dokoro chan
I like the rain in this shot
The ice cream truck company clearly knows what's up
A large group of Metal Gear Solid cosplayers
There were a lot of really good cosplayers in the group
I love how groups like this form.. any passing Metal Gear Solid Cosplayer joined the group
Another shot with a different white balance
Someone threw in a magazine and they all went for it
What's in the magazine
Psycho Mantis
Hey I have that patch
A very nice Meryl cosplayer
Fortune had a huge gun prop
Sniper Wolf!
I don't know who this is but she has a spiffy wig
People watching from the flag railing
People outside the convention center were also watching
Even more perfect!
Katamari guys on the escalator
Someone was helping a cosplayer get their giant costume on
You can see them inside
Ah, Hall C. Aka Video 1. Aka where the AMVs were played.
Rorschach walks away
These food stands in the middle of things were pretty convenient
A Resident Evil cosplay group
A better shot of the Resident Evil group
Mckeed stands alone
The Perfect Cell people walking away over the skybridge
A very enthusiastic Gurren Lagann group
These people were walking in the direction of the convention center. They have no idea what they're getting into
A Baltimore police helicopter
Looking up at flags!
The police helicopter again
Otakon attendees hanging out around the fountain
A group up on the bridge
Albert and Mckeed heading to the sushi place
A big boat
Vic is excited
The sushi guy taking our order
Jeff and Bryce talking
We spent a lot on sushi
Mckeed on the escalator
Bryce texts someone while sitting around
The fountain area again
This place is always packed
A nice shot of Bryce sitting outside of Panel Ops
Getting ready to count thousands of AMV contest ballots
We had to make sure people didn't put more than one vote in each category
A pile of ballots
Vince and Billy!
I'm a rebel
The equpiment in Video 1
I'm getting conflicting messages here
The registration line
Amanda is having fun
Vic wakes up Alan to find out where the ballot box is
Domo kun!
The ballot box has been found!
People gathering in Video 1
A great Screaming Mantis cosplayer
Tons of people
Snake is a sneaky chap
Death from Soul Eater
I have no idea what this guy's deal is
Nurse Joy
PIkachu and Nurse Joy
Pikachu is always popular
It seems like every place had a sign that said "we're not info desk"
Panel Ops, where the ballots are counted
Alan hard at work
Cloud and Aeris, the flower girl
It's tough to tell here but people are playing pong with laser pointers
The projector got messed up after too much use. This is supposed to be a clean black dot
You can see the effect here again with the double image after "same." We thought the sun may be the culprit but it turned out to just be faulty equpiment
Ghostbusters and Mr. Jeff Heller
The ghostbusters seen from the escalator
Lucky Star characters hanging out on a column
Bryce and Brakus, ready to fight to the death
Mckeed, Jefferson, Brakus, Scintilla, and the other half of Aquiline Studios
Mckeed spotted me
I love this shot. Mckeed, Albert, Bryce, and Brakus
Bryce hard at work on his Iron Editor video
Brakus gets to work
The Iron Editor judges
Vic put Bryce's editing up on the big screen
Amanda helps Scintilla pick out a prize after winning best Upbeat video
Bryce won Iron Editor for a third time in a row!
Mckeed and Jefferson at Unos
Albert takes a look at Jefferson's menu
Omar and Jeff
Jeff and Joy
Amanda and Vic. Vic pinched his hand in some equipment
We were at the cool table
This shot of Bryce was too awful to not include
Bryce gets a little breakfast
The Dunkin' Donuts people making my breakfast sandwich
Some con attendees out on the street
Do not walk
A construction sign
Spiffy hat
A big stuffed head
Nice clouds on the way to the BCC
Nice mask
A cosplayer reading in the sun
A stormtrooper heads across the street
Posing for a picture!
Even Aperture Science employees love Otakon!
Apparently there's a group that vandalizes tihs area every year. This year they went too far though.. this is permanent paint
Bryce with the box that saved my airsoft rifle. I put the rifle box in there so it wouldn't be obvious what I was carrying around
People trapped in the parking garage get out to walk around
Bryce was really mad
This was the guy in front of us
The gates finally started working after over 30 minutes
Just OK?
Some fellow attendees seen on the road
Brett sent me a picture of his Quiznos sub. Since we were heading to Quiznos in a few minutes, Bryce suggested I just send a picture back of mine. I elaborated a little.
You think this group is from Otakon? Spotted around an hour away..
Hey it's Kramer's car!
I think it must be for a demolition derby or something. The plate doesn't look like current New York plates
Pennsylvania Welcomes Yo
A plane
The airsoft rifle I picked up this year. It's become an Otakon tradition!
Ooo, very nice
I also got a Haruhi figurine
Here's another angle on the box
The figurine!
A closeup of the head
The SOS Brigade logo
I got this shirt from Gofer Ops
And I finally have an Otakon shirt
Hopefully next year it will be black with a little white fan in the corner
You are viewing images from 07/19/09 in the main gallery. This set contains 193 pictures.
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