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My spiffy new GPS mount
Getting close
It's the Quick Stop!
The infamous Quick Stop that Clerks was filmed at
You may recognize it easier if it's in black and white
Another shot of the Quick Stop
The back of the Quick Stop where Kevin Smith's mom played the milk maid
Looking at the counter from the back
I'm in the Quick Stop!
The counter
The door
The register
The guy obviously knew what I was up to
The RST video next door isn't actually used anymore but they keep it for posterity
I tried to take a picture of the videos inside but the reflection was too strong. I liked the picture though
The Quick Stop sign
A panorama of the entire Quick Stop building
My ATM receipt with "Quick Stop" at the top
Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, Kevin Smith's comic book store. I forgot they close at 5 on sunday so I didn't get to go in
There was already a line to get in 90 minutes before the live SModcast!
Waiting around
Walt Flanagan posed with me
It was a small theater
The table
Another shot showing how small the theater is
Higher exposure
Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier
Kevin Smith looks at the audience
Scott Mosier was having a good time. And was also drunk
The show gets going
Jokes are funny
Kevin explains something
Flapping his wings?
A non-zoomed shot to show how close my seat was
I try a flash photo
Scott explains something..
A list?
The show continues
A more reasonable flash photo
Kevin and Scott suddenly switched seats so people on each side could see the other person better
Scott tells a story
What is Kevin doing?
He's got some crazy eye experssions
The show keeps going
Telling a story
Suddenly serious
Scott held up the show notes
Kevin seems concerned
Hand waving
More of the show notes
Another shot
The making of the SModcast audio book
Kevin read Scott's parts
Scott read Kevin's parts
Watch as Kevin's face gets redder and redder
Redder still!
They had trouble holding it together
Kevin totally lost it
Neither of them could speak because they were laughing too hard
It took a while to get through the scene because of all the laughing
Kevin with his glasses back on
Kevin and his bathrobe leave the stage
Scott returns one of the books
A pile of books
I might have to come back for this event
A nice shot of Scott on the stage. Kevin is down below
Scott and Kevin sign books
Scott signing a book
Scott and Kevin talk to fans
My signed book! Kevin wrote this when I said I've lost 35 pounds listening to SModcast
They also signed my Quick Stop receipt
Posing for photos!
I pose with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier
One more!
A t-shirt I bought while waiting in line
The kitties missed me
You are viewing images from 09/28/09 in the main gallery. This set contains 79 pictures.
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