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Hanging out before the party
Flo looks alert
Brett is half in his Francis costume already
Tony is looking pretty stylish
If only he knew how important this gun would be by the end of the night..
"Is that Coach?" "Yes, he's coming to kill you." "Is that Flo?" "Yes, he's coming to kill you."
Rosie makes some Spooky Punch!
Flo keeps the chair warm
Brett puts his tattoos on
Tony plays with his butterfly knife
Brett made a pretty good Francis!
Look out for that guy behind you, Tony!
Shayna and Tony both went as "generic mafioiso"
Flo doesn't understand computers
John is pretty spooky..
John is a "generic soldier" with a kickass airsoft rifle
Hanging out on the couch
Some friends of Brett and Rosie's
John got a pretty sweet seat in the corner
Roman guy!
Rosie in her wig
Couch party!
Amelia Earhart and a witch!
Brett's brother's girlfriend was a Hunter!
Shayna made some pretty funny faces
Brett's brother Scott went as "Swine Flu" ..get it? Swine.. Flew?
Rosie and Shayna
Time to use the laptop
All night we played Russian Roulette with a nerf gun but shooting each other. If shot, you had to take a shot!
Brett was shot several times..
Time for jenga!
The tower is ready!
Brett has a scorpion pop
Brett was having a lot of fun
Get the tower ready!
Tony used his gun to shoot out blocks
I call this shot "The Apex" since I think it was the peak of Brett's drunken night
The moment of failure in Jenga!
Brett despairing
Gross scorpion pop
That piece? Really?
This is the face Brett makes right before being shot
Shayna puts Brett's liver on the line once again
Amelia Earhart stole my Engineer costume!
Clark James joined us live via satellite! Well.. Skype, but you know
Tony talks to James
James really looked like he was on the space station or something with the crappy feed and American flag in the background
Brett talks to James
I call this one "the morning after." The aspirin pills were really small.. Tony read on the label "do not exceed 48 pills in 24 hours"
Getting ready to go to a diner!
Waiting for the car to be clear
Walking along..
Tony's got his mafioso hat
This is the worst diner in history
Brett and John had no idea what they were getting into
Waiting for a table..
I got a pretty spiffy spoon for my coffee!
Brett got a weird fork
Rosie got a dirty fork
John got a cracked glass
Look at that glass! Also, the water was soapy
This is the only picture of me from the night.. I'm the lump in the back helping to deflate Ol' Deflatey
The horrible diner. Gross
Bagels with Dad and Becky!
You are viewing images from 11/01/09 in the main gallery. This set contains 65 pictures.
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