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Pennsylvania Ave??
We had some great weather driving down..
This was the best shot I got of the Washington Monument on the drive down
This is the best shot I got of the Capitol all weekend
We drove right by the Pentagon! The blue dot is us
The Pentagon!
Our room was pretty nice
Bryce on the phone
I wasn't able to shave before l left
The obligatory window shot.. we didn't have a great view
The VAT before we got set up
Bryce and Alan outside the VAT
The ceiling in the lobby was pretty spiffy
Bryce called Vic to find out what was going on
Waiting for Vic to arrive in his van
Alan and Bryce waiting in the dropoff area
Albert, McKeed, Jeff, Bryce, Joy, and Amanda all wait for Vic to show up
McKeed, Alan, Jeff, Joy, and Amanda
The "Zerg rush" in action
Vic's amazing server on wheels
Joy and McKeed gather the stuff in the lobby
Everybody push!
Equipment begins to arrive in the VAT
Amanda stands guard
Everyone gathers around waiting for setup time
Albert was having a good time
Amanda hangs out on the floor
McKeed standing around
Mr. Burrito himself arrives
Alan, Albert, and Bryce in the lobby
Alan orders some chinese food
Alan and Albert in the chinese food place
Poor Jeff got stuck with the task of assembling the Rock Band drums
This was a device Vic had me attach to a mic boom so he could calibrate the projector
Vic supervises the drum assembly
Bryce looks sad in the darkness
McKeed and Jeff inspect the drum setup
Artists Alley before the artists arrived
Buckyball structures!
McKeed finally succeeded in making an icosahedron
Filling in the windows..
And the points!
McKeed holds his creation
Rock Band!
Quite a band
Alan works on the server
Omar on his laptop
Busted by Alan
The cool roof
Looking down from the elevator
Congoers in the lobby
The line apparently starts there
Free Red Bull from the Red Bull truck!
The awesome breakfast place I heard so much about
Unfortunately breakfast was over
But it was some pretty nice Chinese food!
Artists Alley!
Waiting outside the Independence Center for some reason
I was really happy with this shot of Jeff and Joy I snagged from the moving elevator
The staff suite!
A great Yoko from Gurran Lagann. You can't really see her rifle here but it was great
Someone brought a Jaguar!!
Good ol' Sonic
Haruhi and Mario!
Bryce and McKeed tried some random fighting game
This guy was jamming all weekend with some excellent game music
Who you gonna call?
I saw this person hanging out on the balcony and thought it was neat
A very nice Zelda
Impressive Harley Quinn and Joker
Render chan!
All shaved and ready to rock
I saw a train from our window!
Bryce on duty in the booth
Vic's mixer
The server machine
A great Haruhi and Mikuru!
Bryce looks over the menu at Chili's
Albert too
A very goofy picture of Bryce and Albert posing with a giant chili pepper
Kabuto talks to Vic
The VAT.. aka AMV Theatre
I like security's uniform
A nice Death the Kid
Mel was jealous
A great Seras with very impressive blood splatter
Brian Moore, one of the co-creators of AMV Hell
Vic, Amanda, Brian, and Rinny
McKeed checks a text
Vic gets his hat ready
Vic works, Bryce drinks
Jackie, Brian, and me!
Vic needs his "caffeine"
Bryce was enjoying AMV Hell
These guys sat behind us and knew AMV Hell better than us!
What the hell kind of a box set is this??
Omar and Vic deep in concentration as they compete to be the Iron Editor
Vic works on his video
Bryce was the host
Spiffy tie, Bryce
Even Render chan needs dinner!
This guy had a neat breathing apparatus
The lobby was full of nerds!
Omar watches his video
The Iron Editor audience
Amanda as Render chan
Vic won!
These people were creepy and were also having a tea party
The glass elevators as seen from the outside
Bryce approaches..
Jackie, Alan, and Bryce walking to Chili's
This guy had a kind of cool costume
Sakura and Naruto at the bar
Bryce reviews the menu again
Alan takes a look in this accidental panorama
Our hotel had some neat art on the side
Lockeed Martin was nearby!
Our hotel
The art on the side again
Cosplayers in the street? A con must be nearby!
A crane!
Chun Li!
This guy was pretty bummed that the pool was closed
I found an Otakon ballot in with the AUSA ballots!
Brian and Omar in the control booth
Keep the audio in the yellow!
Yoko and Kamina!
I snagged a pic of Jupiter, Ganymede, Io, and Callisto while on the balcony! Ganymede shows up especially well
Captain N and.. Captain N!
This girl was popular
I was digging the lights and geometric lights in the lobby
Me and Albert got pizza!
A very impressive Sailor Moon
Cosplayers in the bar!
The hotel at night
Bryce and I ran the 1am to 4am "To Be Determined" slot
We determined that old 80s cartoons rule!
This is how we controled everything. We essentially VNCed into Vic's server from a nicer computer
Nice keyboard, handy in the dark
It's got a nifty, but dumb, little screen
Bryce looks so sad!
Amanda made a magnet mobius strip!
She also made... this thing
Packing up! So soon
Get everything in boxes
Por favor NO USE?? Is that for real?
Omar is crazy with the Ethiopian food
The companion cube ballot box
Vic found a weird wallscroll
Joanna ended up taking it
Vic hanging out
Waiting to load the van
All of Vic's equipment in the staging area in the lobby
Loading the van
Bryce considers the night ahead
I organized a voicemail bomb on Bryce
Alan's weird "pull internet out of the air" setup
Watching SickAnimation on McKeed's laptop
Hanging out in the room
Everyone holds the elevator
McKeed enjoys some appetizers at the staff dinner
Bryce and McKeed at dinner
We got our own menu!
McKeed plays with magnets
The only way to mix Midori
Bryce hanging out
Alan checks his phone
Joy sitting around
McKeed grills my sister
Everyone gathers around to look at a photo of Becky
Joy's sister get the McKeed treatment too!
A great face from Amanda
Vic's sweet laptop
Jeff tries his hand at I Wanna Be The Guy
Vic imparts useful advice
Bryce loses it when Jeff dies by accident
Jeff hard at work
A closeup of the game
You have to fight Mike Tyson!!
Everyone gathered around
Bryce wears his con badge in a different way..
Wave goodbye!
See you at new years!
Alan loads the trunk
Bryce grabs the receipt for parking
The Washington monument
A nice shot of the Washington and Jefferson monuments
Another shot of the Capitol
Pennsylvania Ave again!
The Goddard Space Flight Center!!
An odd billboard
It's hard to read but this guy's license plate says "GASSPASR"
The bay again
An odd traffic sign
Bryce is sick of driving
Nearly back!
My loot! An Asuka figurine, an AUSA badge, and some DVDs from McKeed. I also got two wallscrolls but I left them in Bryce's car
A closeup of my Asuka figurine
You are viewing images from 11/23/09 in the main gallery. This set contains 204 pictures.
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