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Dad and Becky check out something on the computer
Dad opening presents..
I got him a Kill-A-Watt! It measures how much electricity devices use
I asked my dad for $60 to buy Modern Warfare 2 on Steam, but as part of the deal, he had to draw the cover
Not a bad job! Note that that is a bandana, not his mouth
The sword grill fork thing I got Dad came with a mask!
The Masked Bob Bandit
I thought this expression was funny
Dad with his new grill fork
Christmas morning at Mom's house!
The kitties were out in full force
Perplexus! A 3D marble labyrinth
Excellent, I've been meaning to read this
Haha, I love how I get Christmas cards sent to "yatpay"..
The outside of Uncle Michael and Aunt Diane's card
Becky got some pants!
I got a sushi plush!
And wasabi and pickled ginger!
This wrapping paper seemed kinf of creepy
Aunt Kathy got me a page-a-day calendar!
Mom's turn to open presents
A myserious gift from Topaz
Two perfectly ordinary books?
Nope! A book vault! Now I need to think of something to hide in it
Neil got a little deranged with all the paper around
Becky gets ready to open some more presents
Becky opens my present!
What could it be?
It's a replica of Hermione's wand!
"Swish and flick!"
I got a Zelda t-shirt! This will surely boost my nerd cred
Becky managed to get me a NASA DVD collection that I didn't already have! This is going to be good stuff
This is the label I put on Becky's present
I got two titanium sporks!
Macaroni sniffs around
I got some nice comfy jeans!
Becky's having fun
Mom got me this amazing framed print of Rakka!
Time to learn more about my cat's namesake
Becky got me those awesome caramel cookies from Amsterdam!
Excellent! Planetes! No more waiting for Netflix for me!
How did he do it??
Becky's spiffy new sunglasses
Looking good, Becky
Mom got me a mixer! This will be handy for podcasting
If you look carefully, you will see a cat embedded in this tree
Paper is fun!
I got a sports jacket!
Stockings! And tiny kitty stockings! Buzz (or was it Neil..) actually took his mouse out of his stocking early!
Mmm, Christmas breakfast
Greg was at Gragra's!
Inspecting the picture machine
Also known as Aunt Teresa's new camera
Gragra opens a box
Gragra's completely insane robot dog.. its laughing will curdle your blood
Becky gives me a look
Aunt Teresa got a Snuggie and Gragra got a "Cuddler".. time to compare!
The Snuggie is certainly more stylish
Aunt Teresa puts the Snuggie on
These two are going to regret these pictures..
Who won? I"m not telling!
The audience for the Snuggie show
Greg tries his hand at the Perplexus
It's harder than it looks
Uncle Chris and Becky
Gragra in her "Stephen Hawking" slanty pose
Gragra with her Cuddler
You are viewing images from 12/25/09 in the main gallery. This set contains 70 pictures.
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