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It just wouldn't be Alancon without Rock Band
Naruto Roll??
Alan and Albert in Kabuki
Jefferson inspects the camera
Waiting to be seated
Mckeed and Vic
Traeonna and Albert
Flying Monkey roll, I believe
Piles of sushi
We got the big platter
And Mckeed wasted no time!
The freaks at the other end of the table
Albert and Botox
If you check the timestamps, you'll see that the giant platter barely lasted ten minutes
The infamous Alan Punch
Hanging out and playing games
The view through the Rock Band drums
Playing House of the Dead on the Wii
Jefferson vegges out
Delicious Pizza
Amanda takes a shot
Such concentration
Joanna chooses to surf the net
Vic watches some Wii
One of Alan's model kits
Kill them zombies dead! This is the last picture of the decade!
And ringing in the new year is this picture of me finishing off some champagne. This is the first of my Project 365 photos
Before long, Rock Band returned
Go, Vic, Go
Mckeed and Joanna hanging out
Joy's turn on the mic
Vic's a pro
Mckeed's turn on the drums
Jeff's up on the mic!
A classic
Getting ready to head out for breakfast
IHOP! It's a tradition
Albert was wicked excited
Mckeed got what he wanted
Jefferson's supermarket card came in handy
This is supposedly cabbage
Albert waiting to be seated
Jefferson seems stoked
IHOP makes Vic sad
Alan looks like he's in the process of saying something really creepy
Jeff and Joy!
A nice shot of Mckeed
The minutes tick by..
Sweet license plate.. I guess
Traeonna, Mckeed, and Jonanna return from the supermarket with breakfast supplies for the next day
Albert is secretly a vampire
The grocery team returns!
We finally got seated but four of us splintered off onto a more reasonable table
It was me, Mckeed, Joanna, and Traeonna
Mckeed orders some pancakes
You are viewing images from 01/01/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 55 pictures.
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