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Jefferson holds an uncertain Neil
An epic cat picture. The look on Neil's face is priceless
Buzz liked Joy
Bryce on the couch
Jefferson appears to be leaning back in a cool fashion until you notice the stool
Mckeed's turn on Frisbee Dog
Frisbee Dog!
The creepy pope in the center of the rotating table at Buca
Vic gets the big chair since it's his birthday
The waitress takes our drink orders
What to eat, what to eat..
Omar examines the menu closely
Albert's ready to eat
And these guys were hungry too, I guess
Damn, that pope is creepy. Everyone kept rotating the table so he wouldn't look at them
Alan just wrote down our order since we figured it'd be simpler
A carousel of liquids!
While waiting for food, I checked out the weird art on the wall
That statue is going to pour something on Jeff!
I put the camera on the pope with an auto timer and sent it spinning
Amanda and Jeff got caught in the crossfire
Along with Joy and Ben
Omar seems particularly suspicious with that blurry background
Ack! Caught by my own camera.. and with a camera in my hand!
Jeff and Vic decided to change Vic's busted tire now rather than later
I went out to take pictures and help
Time to get to work
Removing the tool from the thing
Yes, that's right. We used phones as flashlights
Tools of the trade
Hard at work
Vic jacks off the car
Almost ready
Vic struggles with the nuts
The wheel's gone!
Jeff holds up my G1 while Vic expertly twists the nuts
I didn't even notice Jeff in this picture until I was getting it ready to go online
Putting the tools away
Omar prepares to do something mean to Vic
Alan tallies up the bill
Vic got cake!
And a sketchy candle!
Mckeed shows us how it's done in Wii Sports Resort Archery
I test my spiffy napkin-flash-diffuser on Jeff and Joy
Mckeed seems bewildered
Omar showed me this trick for a cheap but effective flash diffuser
It really works! Just be sure to leave some space between the flash and the napkin!
Jeff had the job of recording the screen in case something AMAZING happened
Amazing things usually happened when no one was recording it
A fine video game audience
Omar got really into Frisbee Golf
Vic and Bryce were less enthusiastic
Omar loves Frisbee Golf!!
Mckeed.. thinks about something
Omar's living it up with his sleeping bag and beer
Ben settles in for the lurid show
Now there's a pair
That's right folks, it's hentai time
Vic always enjoys a good hentai showing
But apparently not as much as Bryce
Jefferson was up bright and early (at 12:30) for breakfast!
Omar walks in front of Serious Business Bryce
Hey, I know that guy!
The detritus of Bryce's Wawa lunches
Seated at Michael's!
Ready to order?
Albert needs some chap stick or something
Pickle bar!
Bryce loves pickles
"The lemons look like ears!" "..or anime eyes"
Vic takes no joy from pillaging the pickle bar
Food time!
Leaving Michael's
Bryce noticed an unusual item in the claw machine
Stuffed Junior Mints?
I was taking a picture of myself, but the one I got of Albert is priceless
You are viewing images from 01/02/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 79 pictures.
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