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Driving from Philadelphia
It's James! He's back!
Time for Wii
Or is it time for beer?
James uses Brett's shoe to play with Flo
He wore clothes we knew so we could recognize him
Just like old times
Brett likes Wii
Getting comfy
Brett laughs at.. something, I don't know
Brett tries to entice Flo
We set out to hit our old haunts in Worcester
Bryce makes odd faces while driving sometimes
James was already getting sick of my picture taking
We picked up Brandon!
Back on Maywood
Like we never left
The Math and Computer Science building!
Getting the table ready at Uncle Sam's
Mmm, Uncle Sam's
James can hardly wait
How's the soda, Bryce?
Brandon hasn't been to Uncle Sam's in a while either
Uncle Sam's has curly fries now!
A closeup of my amazing calzone
James, Bryce, and I got large calzones. Brandon felt left out
My Project 365 photo for the day. Me in front of the Math/CS building
Walking along Florence
Brandon and James wait for Bryce to catch up
James checks out the new library
Nice chairs
This used to be the wind tunnel
Now it's all fancy glass and stuff
The Mission Control house!
Walking to Moynihan's!
Thar she blows
Bryce seems excited about something
It's OK, Bryce. Take a sip
James approves of afternoon beer
Cheese burga?
James and Bryce found some wrestling ad
James deciphers the piece of paper he found
Brandon listens intently
James didn't have much to say
Oh man, I'd love to play musical chairs here
The mysterious satellite dish outside the Math/CS building
The view from the back corner of That's Entertainment
I found a Tachikoma plushie!
"It comes with glasses.. we can drink it in the parking lot!"
Bryce found some gross drink
Hey I know that guy
Tommy gun vodka?
Bryce makes a face
This is the same kind of bottle that exploded in Brandon's closet when he was trying to make wine
Watching TV in the lounge
We had an hour to kill
Moe's at last!
Walking in to Moe's
James investigates the menu
Something's pretty funny
Bryce is making a crazy face
The Moe's line
Phones are funny
What is Lav's Autobody?
The madness of Moe's
James is psyched
Looking at something on Bryce's phone?
Those burritos are ridiculous
James finally has his Moe's
It's good
Jessie joined us!
Brandon likes Moe's too
Bryce seems happy..
..then reacts to something..
Oh god, it just gets worse
James' impression of someone I'm taking a picture of
Moe's was good!
Bye Brandon!
You know an intersection is gnarly when it comes with an explanation
Tony, Shayna, and Jessie on the futon
Johnny K!
James loads up some toons
What's up, Brett?
Sitting around
Bryce gets in on the tunes choosing
John apparently takes his own pulse
Michele, James, and Tony
Looks like a duplicate picture got through.. well, James is making a difference face
Shayna's amazing dip
Jessie caught me taking her picture
James explains something to Bryce
Michele tells a story?
A nice shot of Michele
Talking to Mike on Skype!
Mike in Japan!
Playing Party Guests
Brett was a boob
Party Guests was a lot of fun
If a little baffling..
Ganon crashes the party
With a disasterous outcome
Bryce looks a little deranaged
"Touch me!"
Brett had fun
Tony was a good Party Guest host
Rosie catches it all on "film"
John gets ready for bed
Spiffy blanket
Bryce fell asleep almost instantly
James on the air mattress
Choosing final songs?
Be sure to leave the laptop open so I can charge my various gadgets!
We threw an empty beer can at Bryce's face to try to make him stop snoring. No dice
Flo knocked a nearly full beer bottle onto the ground in the middle of the night
That's where my head was the night before.. good thing I moved!
James checks something out on the computer
Everyone was sleepy when we left since Bryce had to be back by 7
My Project 365 photo for Sunday
The Tachikoma stars in Monday's Project 365 photo
You are viewing images from 01/17/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 124 pictures.
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