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Picture of the day!
My airplane! It's a 737
The view from the window next to the elevators
A weird picture I snapped on the way to the worst brunch service ever
There was a cool drawbridge near our hotel
The view from our hotel balcony
Giant cruise ships!
I thought these two cruise ships were buildings
Palm trees!
The ocean!
The bridge is closed!
The airport was pretty close to the hotel
Fancy ships
A bunch of tiny boats!
Funny little boats
The drawbridge open all the way!
Giant cruise ship!
Look at how small the people are!
This one is supposed to be the largest cruise ship in the world
Rotating away..
It moved surprisingly fast!
The people in front really give it scale
Out to sea!
Yes, I wore a suit
Uncle Bud and Aunt Kathy are psyched
I spotted Erin across the room
Not uncomfortable at all
Aunt Teresa made me pose for a second picture
Gragra's all dressed up
Erin and Gragra!
Mom, Pat, and Aunt Kathy
Aunt Kathy and Mom
Mom, Gragra, and Aunt Teresa waiting to go to the church
Talking about.. something
This appears to be a protest against Hamas
Our hotel!
A funny dolphin sculpture
Not the kind of street I'm used to seeing..
Unlce Michael talks to people in this car
Mom and Kate
Hi Uncle Michael
Waiting outside the church
The church
Mom and Aunt Kathy head inside
Inside the church!
Waiting around
Weird sandals
A whole setup!
Spiffy flowers
Becky was a bridesmaid
Becky had a lot of fun
Uncle Bud walks Colleen down the aisle!
There they go!
The bride and groom!
Erin watches her sister
Colleen's bouquet
Becky read a thing
Hand in the air
Erin reads a thing too
The glass!
Colleen's excited
Aunt Regina, Uncle Jim, and Gragra!
Sushi boats!! They lasted about 8 minutes
Mom and Becky!
Me, Mom and Becky!
Dinner time!
The wedding party assembles
The newlyweds!
Aunt Kathy!
Colleen and Uncle Bud dancing!
More daaancing
The groom dances with his mom
Uncle Chris, Aunt Meredith, and Aunt Teresa!
Dancing time!
Mom's excited
Everyone dancing
Yep, dancing continues
Mom and Caitlin show their moves
Dancing is fun
Haha, Mom and Caitlin keep dancing
Kate and Pat!
Colleen dancing!
I gave my Mom the video camera
Dance dance dance
My Mom's side of the family!
Mom and Becky!
Erin and Colleen dancing
Uncle Peter and Aunt Meredith
Pat and Kate had fun
Uncle Stephen and Aunt Danni!
Mom and Colleen are excited!
Fun fun
This is why Guitar Hero needs to be at every wedding
Posing is fun
The DJ at work
Johnny and Erin!
Danny looks so.. stricken!
What's wrong Caitlin?
Aunt Meredith and Uncle Peter
Uncle Brian does some kind of.. hand thing
Aunt Laura's giving Mom a really funny look over Uncle Brian's shoulder
Caitlin's dancefest continues
Kate had fun
Everyone on the dance floor
The groom's mom
The DJ again
Johnny and Uncle Peter
I liked this one too so I kept it
Clouds in the distance
Fancy boats
The view of the cruise ships from the ground
Palm trees!
Picture of the day!
The hotel lobby
Neat lights
You can see boats right from the lobby
I got another window seat!
Where's the dot go?
Waiting in line behind another 737
Non-circular inlets!
Another plane
I liked the reflection of the clouds on the wing
And away they go!
I'm in the skyyy
Source: Public Water Supply
Clouds and shadows!
An island!
Getting lower..
You are viewing images from 03/07/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 141 pictures.
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