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Ready to rock
"Where're you going??"
The good ol' Hynes
Snazzy bed
I'll take the couch. I eventually ended up with couch cushions on the floor but it was comfy
We got a big triangular banner this year!
The 2010 Staff shirt
Taking the elevator down
The registration line!
Nice rocket
Not endorsed by NASA
Laying fiber optic cable
I had to hold it at the corner so it didn't rumb against the column
A DDR machine!
The fiber optic ended up becoming a real mess
Main Events being set up
How many AB staffers does it take to untangle a cable..
Setting up a video room
This is one giant speaker
Mike Lee talks at the All Hands Meeting. I missed it this year
Tech ops!
The Tech higher ups
Mike Lee seems confused
It's like Desmond's looking right at me!
Melissa looks bored
My schedule for this year
Marion, the schedule master!
This is Steven's (on the right) first con, and he's already staff!
So many radios!
What's in the case?
My badge was a real mess this year
Cosplayers in the mall! Let the madness begin!
The program guide this year
Brian was also staffing/attending a con for the first time
Ben got a neat headset
"This pineapple looks like my boss"
DOKool at his... DOKoolest.... >_>
The poor souls who came to DOKool's panel
Setting up for Anime Squares
Patrick, the tallest man in the world
This year's mascots
Nice wallpaper
Patrick and Sketch!
Travis Touchdown won a prize!
No one picked Patrick, so he put ;_; on his iPhone
Gary Oak joined the squares!
Duke Nukem.. with a unicycle!
Oh no! Hunters!
This is nearly the same picture, but there is a weird laser grid on it. I think it was a rangefinder from someone's camera
A whole Left 4 Dead crew!
I saw this guy on the escalator
Nice sign, Rorschach
Lightning from FFXIII
The Main Events area as seen from the escalator
Jefferson came!
Bioshock characters!
Legend of Zelda cosplayers
I'm a big fan of this shirt.. but I probably shouldn't wear it at Baldwin..
Anime Boston shot glass!
With the mascots!
I bought some pins! Haunter is my favorite pokemon
I put them on my vest
I got a Muk for Bryce, his favorite
Ready to hit the con floor
A heavy!
Light is up to no good
I kept running into these Valkyria Chronicles cosplayers. They were great!
Nerds buying Chinese food!
This was good, but I felt kind of sick after..
Weird cosplayers wandering through the food court
Sketch ran the 18+ Anime Dating Game!
Commander and her friends had their green screen picture taken in costume!
That girl with the big gun I see every year
Commander hates cameras
A well done Yoko cosplayer was Sketch's assistant
Jefferson came too
The Dating Game continues..
Yoko with the laptop
Techies at work
There is apparently some anime with countries as characters, this is America hassling Russia
Russia and America
Oh my. Relations have really improved since the Cold War
People running out of the room?
Gary Oak, Jiraiya and Yoko
I... really don't know what's going on here
They gave me a radio!
This guy showed up for "Girl's Guide to Hentai" which I thought was really funny
The mixer I use to control the mics
My radio!
Billy Mays, why do you ahve a Shamwow?
A huge Left 4 Dead crew outside
Zoey's got a molotov!
Nerds in the courtyard!
Looks like someone else scaped from Vault 101
The Prudential tower!
There are some weird people at Anime Boston..
This guy was just standing around like this..
Naruto characters!
Standing in the wind
Why so glum, Heavy?
Zoey takes some pictures
Nick and a Boomer have a conversation
Zoey with pills and a molotov!
Neat umbrella
Her SPOON is too big!
Ack! Missingno! Hide your Pokemon cartridges!
This guy was great, and it was even better when I noticed the art in his hand later
A large group of Soul Eater cosplayers
A Hellsing group!
The interior of this guy's costume was all cardboard and duct tape
Guy Fawkes sure has mellowed out
Another good Zelda group
The Silk Spectre!
A sweet Princess Tutu cosplayer
Blue haired girl on the escalator?
You see a lot of people playing on their DS at Anime Boston..
The prince himself!
Weird costume
I knew I'd find some Na'vi!
A non-flash version
Rorschach with his face on
Metal Gear!?
Riding up the escalator
Commie bastards!
I found them and got another picture
Chell with a sweet photobomber in the background
Mr. Nobuo Uematsu! The composer for the Final Fantasy series!
Proj365 picture with Nobuo!
A weird furry dude waiting to ask a question
So many techies!
These guys ran cosplay court
The cosplay court baliffs made shadow puppets!
And fun was had by all
This made me laugh
Pit from Smash Brothers!
I missed the AMV contest this year so I took a picture of the ballot to look it up later
The other side of the ballot
Looks like we've upgraded to widescreen displays this year!
The Main Events stage is neat
Desmond lays down some cables
That weird box guy!
He needed a hug
Naruto as the demon fox
Anime Boston's safe broke! A safe expert had to crack it!
Looks like it took a while
Singing the Hentai Dubbing theme!
Dick Tripwire can feel the energy!
Everyone is psyched!
Someone had an iPad in the audience! Assuming they came out at midnight, it had only been 22 and a half hours!
Dick Tripwire sets up the first participants
Captain Jack Sparrow did well
I thought this camera looked oddly menacing from this angle
Me and Dick Tripwire!
The Anime Boston Dance!
With earplugs is was actually pretty neat since it was all nerdy music. Where else will you hear the Katamari theme at 130 decibels?
The DJ
I bought this at Artist's Alley
I had my anime caricature done for my mom
Matt the Mat!
Nobuo again!
Little Ed was very popular at the FMA panel
This is a typical setup at a panel. From right to left, video switcher, wireless mic receiver, mixer, and cd recorder with some other stuff
Big ol' box of cables
Putting a screen frame away
Wheeling boxes around
Assembling the equipment in Panel A
What a mess!
I got an award!
Loading stuff into the truck!
Is that all we are to these vendors?
Spiffy hat, Matt
Matt and Steven show the backs of their shirts
Sean and the truck guy
Taking a quick break
Holding boxes on the lift
That huge box only holds a projector! It's huge!
A sea of radios!
What's up, Desmond?
I got some reading done while waiting for everything to wrap up
Mike Lee surrenders his radio.. the last one!
Napping during Mike's speech?
Mike's got a little captain in him
Melissa yells at everyone to get their attention
Desmond seems pretty relaxed after a tough weekend
It's always sad to see the convention center empty again
A blimp!
The Apple store across the street was popular.. damn iPad
The back of the bus! Where the cool kids sit
Matt made some gross faces
Mike Lee's brother, Connor, I think.
Demond takes some pictures
Driving to the Dead Dog party!
Desmond's psyched
The bus we took
This year's party was at Big City, a place with pool and a great beer list
Piling into the building
Cool setup with the pool cues!
Everyone was amazed
I played some pool!
Lloyd lines up a shot
The food line was pretty long
Matt's turn
Steven took my picture with his disposable camera
A 23 ounce glass of Sam Adams Boston Ale!
Steven was pretty good!
Well this picture turned out kind of goofy
Team Nemesis!
Me and that banana guy!
Me and Desmond!
Me and Marion!
Matt's full of crazy faces
Me and Matt Darling! We used to be in Latin class together, now we just see each other at Anime Boston
Me and Matt!
Me and Jason, my roommate for two years running
I forget this guy's name but he was in the Video Game Orchestra and played pool with us
Despondent Desmond.. also, why is there a temporary tattoo on his forehead?
Me and Mike Lee!
Me and Pool Teacher Lloyd!
The TV in the hotel crashed!
Matt sure looked creepy on the escaltor railing..
I had 40 texts in the morning! Damn Twitter!
Aw, now that's a sad sight
There were still some cosplayers around.. albeit packed up and leaving..
Idiots waiting for the Apple store to open.. wait.. if I'm here taking the picture... oh no! I'm all idiots!
Yes, the infamous iPad
It's really an ideal manga reader
I had to see something familiar with it
Oh Apple. How do you be so smug?
You are viewing images from 04/05/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 236 pictures.
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