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I made it with seconds to spare for my Project 365 picture!
Edamame is serious business
I'll pass
Topaz loves sushi
I'm ready
Oh boy
All spiffed up for my interview
My sunglasses were never seen again after this picture
We are here?
Topaz's got a little captain in him
What could that giant plume be?
It's Niagara Falls!
Look at all the water!
It makes a big cloud
Niagara Falls! Seen from the American side
The edge!
Topaz handled the video camera
Standing waves!
The edge again
Frozen in time!
It's the Maid of the Mist! The boat that drives around near the bottom of the falls
Into the void!
The water spraying out at the bottom was really cool
Those rocks are really getting pummeled
Potential 365 pic
Outside elevator!
I thought this was the Toronto skyneedle when we were driving up. Silly me
A drop tower!
A kid was flying a kite
The American falls!
Don't lean over too far!
This must've been way freakier before the railing was installed
Crazy people going behind the falls!
Ahhhh water!
It's an impressive sight
More depressed rocks
Ahhh, hold on!
Don't take his poncho off!
More people going to get very very wet
The American falls!
How has that little log not fallen over yet?
Looking upstream
Over the edge!
Another "frozen in time" shot
Sweet observation point
The falls and the bridge
Oh hello Nikola Tesla, I didn't expect to see you here
Topaz love fudge
I had to get a picture with him
This shot was Topaz's idea
Sweet artwork, haha
A giant wet ball! It was really gross to touch
The falls from the Canadian side!
Niagara Falls! Seen from the Canadian side
Hey, we were just there!
The Horseshoe falls!
Ah, now here's a proper Project 365 picture
Niagara Fails?
The falls with the bridge!
Clark James would like this place
Ahhh, gravity changed directions!
The US border
Please let us back in
We're citizens!
OK, time to put the camera away before they yell at us
Cool blue bridges
Almost back to Buffalo
On the bridge!
Bryce was really happy I came back
You are viewing images from 05/03/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 80 pictures.
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