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Mckeed gets hydrated
Bryce settles in
Topaz gets a little last minute texting in
Jefferson sure looks comfy
Mckeed, Vic, Amanda, Peter, and Katie!
What's Pyson up to?
Bryce is having a good time
Everybody standing around during a break
Aquiline Studios!
The prescreening continues
Hi Bryce
I think it'd be best if I don't even explain this photo
Bryce is happy that the end of the prescreening is near!
Jefferson loves diners
There was much mirth
Pick your order!
Albert put a lot of thought into his order
Topaz mans the video camera
Alan plays with his Evo
Taking our order
Ahhh, Hypnotoad!
Topaz and Jefferson are having a good time
Everyone sitting around
Bryce, Katie, and Peter
Alan and Amanda
Jefferson sure finds.. something.. funny
How come they get two ketchups?
Botoss.. I think?
Clearly an Otakon crew
The infamous scrapple
Albert's giving me a stink eye
I had Jefferson sit on the car couch with me for a picture
Alan explains the recording studio setup to Topaz
Bryce thinks about all the hours he's spent on these microphones
It's hentai time!
Albert's favorite time
Albert loves imitation soda
Everyone's getting comfy
What is Bryce up to?
He's filming me!
Vic's looking creepy
A couple of hentai connoisseurs
Why does Topaz have so many waters?
A great project 365 picture.. Bryce reacting to hentai!
Vic's a real morning person
Looking up.. something
Topaz loves breakfast
We went to Michael's!
Everyone checks out the menu
It's not like we haven't been here 30 times
Waiting for food
Alan shows off the inside of his EVO
And of course, some Wii before hitting the road
You are viewing images from 07/04/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 54 pictures.
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