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Hi Dave!
Tossing a ball around?
The huge stack of wireless routers!
Configuring them is hard
New backup equipment!
Sweet floppy disk..
Hard at work, Dave?
Back in Baltimore!
Vic and Amanda!
Tough Guy Albert
Jeff and Joy
I approve of this shirt
Otakon staff badge pickup!
Waiting for my badge to be printed
Vic had to get a new picture taken too
More staffers trickle in
Hey, I know that guy!
Putting my picture on the badge
My badge!
Ooo, chain lanyard things
This guy got stuck half way into the intersection
The good ol' Baltimore Convention Center!
Now that we have our badges, it's time to head to Con Ops
Waiting to find out the situation in Video 1
Amanda sitting around
Alan, Omar, and Jeff
Alan makes a funny face
Ooo, how do I join?
Mike Lee, Anime Boston's Tech Director!
A lot of AB staffers also work Otakon
Carl on the phone
An army of staffers assembling badges
The empty BCC
This'll be cram packed within 24 hours
I don't think I've ever seen the floor on this area..
Down the escaltor!
So empty!
Last year's Video 1, this year's game room!
Alan is following us!
Con center staffer?
Jessie from Toy Story!
Proj365 picture!
Hey, it's Bryce and Albert!
They go to the BCC faster on foot than we did in the van!
Albert looks like he's falling horizontally!
Hey, it's that place where we are
This is one lazy engineer
Baltimore loves us
Seen in the back of a car
Vic's infamous server
Fork Lift Hero
Mmm, pizza
Burger place?
Jeff waiting for his burger
Amanda opts for the chicken place
Pretty Baltimore sky
Golden hour?
Amanda opens the new Render-chan art
Vic works with the DSL guys to get his equipment hooked up
Video 1! All 2,312 seats of it
There I am!
The AMV crew
In con mode
Vic wearing normal glasses.. weird
The Otakon mascots!
Vic gets to work on calibrating his equipment
Calibrating video!
Hey, cool, I get an "I'm Cool With" badge
And of course, an "AMV Contest Staffer" badge
The empty third floor..
Heading back to the hotel
Lights near the harbor
Lit up skyscraper
I drank a bucket of booze with Jeff and Omar!
Omar seems excited
Jeff and Joy!
Bryce talked me into going to Howl at the Moon
So many straws
Omar is a man of many faces
Mike is excited
..and singing
Bryce checks his phone
Oof, this is pretty creepy, even for Bryce
Watching the band
Hi Joy!
Omar sure is excited about something
The Rainbow War begins!
The rainbow made it to the other bucket!
Go, Omar, go!
It's beautiful!
Ahh, it's not that stable!
Oh, it's OK
The rainbow's even bigger!
You've done it, Omar!
Ah, the tragic end of the rainbow
Heading down to the convention center on Friday
Waiting for the light..
Bryce want donut!
Amanda ended up recycling that cup holder several times throughout the weekend
Bryce went with the best badge.. the crab badge!
Magnet man!
A Reki cosplayer! Hoorraaay, there are still Haibane cosplayers!
A great TF2 troupe!
Spiffy costume, Peter!
Vic's mixer.. Vixer..
Time to play the Overflow! Well.. some of it
A fan asked Vic for his autograph!
Vic was happy to oblige
Amanda was thoroughly amused
Final Fantasy cosplayers!
Sniper wolf!
The crowd thickens
Look how many people are in line for the AMV contest!
A great Chise from Saikano
Here they come..
We had a lot of ballots
Vic rushes to direct the line
Go that way!
Go THAT way!
Omar joins in
Look how many people came to the first showing!
We really packed them in
This is Amanda's "You're not getting through this door" face
The view from the back of the room
We got over 1,000 ballots after the first showing!
Power equipment
Mr. Desmond Wooten!
A great Yoko cosplayer!
The audience for the show that killed AMV Overflow. As you can see, it was standing room only
Moving the equipment back upstairs
Don't bump it!
Opening the ballot box
Impressive Iron Man cosplayer!
Counting ballots!
Sometimes people draw us cool things
This guy really liked.. whatever category that is
Oh come on, I like Smash Mouth!
What is this guy even trying to vote for?
More cool artwork!
Counting is fun!
Jeff loves it
More awesome ballot artwork
This guy voted for every video except 29.. and then gave 29 his best in show vote
Aww, bye bye!
Wow, this guy went all out!
I took a bunch of ballot counting pictures on Friday when we weren't up against a hard deadline
Reading off vote numbers
Amanda types away. Note the coin flip app on the G1
Nearly done, Jeff!
The last little pile
I think this guy is a combination of Protoman and John Conner..
Bryce and Amanda on the elevator
Bryce rants about this thing that Tokyopop gave him.. a "manga holder". "Who would use this??"
It's that time of the con.. hentai time!
Vic and Amanda were pretty wiped from the hard day of work
Heading back down on Saturday morning
Oregon Trail cosplayer!
This is the last photo my Canon Powershot S2 IS ever took. It served me well. And now it's in *sniff* camera heaven!
You are viewing images from 08/03/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 165 pictures.
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