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The first picture taken with my new camera!'s Creenan!
Oh hai, Topaz
Topaz ignores me and gets back to work
Uhoh, camera duel
Topaz looks at the kelp
It sure is kelpy
A soda can!
Red shirt man
55mm. That's the range of the lens that came with the camera
People in the courtyard
Flower closeup!
Topaz waiting for lunch
Man, I love this camera
Sorry Topaz, you're the only one around..
We're number one!
Mmmm, panini
Yummy panini
Little salad!
Topaz got some kind of.. thing
All done!
Time to go back to work
Oops, the flash popped up in the elevator
Garth is actually here this week and not just a voice in the phone!
Shawn and Su hard at work
Matt sits across from me
Salbito wandered in..
Shawn checks his phone
My trusty G1
Shawn eats the lunch of champions
My keyboard is.. actually pretty gross
Nice shirt, Garth
Shawn's Nexos One
Mmmm... giant Canon neckband
Rubik's cube!
Gotta love the Space Invaders decorations
My reader!
Joe looks on as Shawn checks a ticket
And Topaz peeks his head in
A typical day at Synacor
Steve, my boss!
Steve works on a build or something
Water bottle?
Garth sure finds something funny
Shawn's workstation
My gear
My rolling coin
Topaz heads out to the back to talk to some REs
Mr. Crandall!
How come the REs are hiding outside?
My rental car for the day..
Neil is wondering why my new camera is so noisy
Aww, big yawn
Awesome Neil closeup
The cats find the shutter noises fascinating
The tree outside my apartment
My neighbors drained their pool for some reason
The cats want to come out and play
Buzz is mad he can't come out too
My half complete media center
Playing with the macro setting
The tree again
My apartment building
Long shadows in the golden hour!
Yeah, I'll get right on that..
Yup, that's where I live
Regency Court Apartments!
An ominous sign of snow to come?
The school right near my apartment complex
Sheldon Road.. or whatever it is
No kids are around now!
The Ralph Wilson stadium!
I always think of it as the "Ralph Wiggum" stadium
Getting closer to the stadium..
I drive by this every day on the way to work
Go Bills?
Aaand one last shot of the stadium
No no no, thank you!
The alternative parking lot could use some work
Crescent moon!
Moon over Regency Court Apartments
Also Jupiter!
You are viewing images from 08/12/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 97 pictures.
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