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Hey Buzz! What's up?
Not a big fan of photo shoots, eh?
Neil likes them
Hi Neil!
Recreating a picture I took with the SX20IS. It's still fairly noisy, but still has much better quality
The extend of my zoom (55mm)
The late S2 IS
Neil loves posing for photoshoots!
Who has a comfy chair?
Neil is baffled by the flashing lights
Rolling around
D'awww, cute little kitty
A closeup!
Looking around..
What's over there?
I think Neil's tiring of this..
He has to be wondering about the new shutter sound
Hi Buzz!
"What was that sound?"
My two kitties, Neil and Buzz!
Itchy ear!
The carpet has interesting smells
Buzz looks at what Neil's up to
What's going on in that little brain of yours, buddy?
Buzz likes to climb on the bike
I call this picture "Ahh! Get away from the lens!"
He's a bicycle enthusiast
How's that brick wall treating you
Topaz playing with magnets
Shawn endorses Mountain Dew
I always forget about the standup until Joe comes in
Topaz telling some kind of story
Canz is hoping my new camera makes him look sexier
"What's that sound back there?"
Mark Moziak takes the wheel
Buffalo city hall
The crazy "Turn off 7 news" van
Satellite dishes!
Weird checkered building!
Giant.. tank.. thing!
Topaz shows something on his phone
Tortilla chips at El Canelo!
We went through the salsa pretty quick
Canz and Mark listen to.. whatever
Dmags and Topaz
The REs used to go to this place all the time. Then it moved far away and.. they still do
Our waitress seemed super psyched
Canz's "super sexy" picture
We're all addicted to our phones
Canz waits for everyone to pay their bills
Canz and Dmags waiting around
What a crazy painting
Weird structures on Route 5
HSBC tower, the tallest building in Buffalo
Steve at work
Steve and Shawn diagnose a problem
Who the hell walks their cat in the park?
This place is right across the street from Synacor
I pass it every day on the way to work
Right across that skyway!
I asked this cool fishing guy if I could take his picture
He said it was no problem!
Some war ship
There were a few people walking around
Numbers on the submarine
Does anybody know what these markings mean?
Damn, torpedos are huge
Boat #537?
These radar things were spinning around
I believe this is an F-14
Don't quote me on that
I don't know what the hell this plane is
An APC? I don't know..
There was some kind of speed boat event going on in the marina next to Synacor
Topaz in front of the apartment buildings across the street from Synacor
Weird shelf cloud!
Topaz talked me into going to the Erie County Fair. These tractors at the entrance weren't a great sign
Clowns are creepy
Meats, plural
Food booths!
Fried dough! And with a bonus reflection of Topaz
Let's get tattoos!
Weird chairs
Let's go to the event center!
It's like a really lame dealers room!
Power steps? Or power scams?
Candy looks really good on this camera
Ooo, sign me up
Hey, I'm on TV!
Come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine
Want a hot tub, Topaz?
I really wanted to take this guy's questionaire but Topaz didn't let me
I didn't notice until later that Clock Man was looking right at me
Oh man, I want one
I really wanted one of these.. but I also didn't want to die
Topaz shows off the bizarre air bath system
About a tenth of a second after this picture was taken, the salesman chased us away from his stupid showers
More religious propaganda!
When I saw this guy, I knew the future was now
I was hoping to get a depth of field effect here, and I was not disappointed
Weird mist machine?
Topaz must investigate
Police fast roping down a tower!
Chainsaw man!
He makes little animals
Long way down?
The cops get ready to go down the ropes
Narrator cop man
And away they go!
Getting ready for the next stage
Upside down!
The guy threw a flashbang in the window!
And then they threw a dummy out the window!
They assured us they don't normally do this with suspects
The kids were very impressed
Food booth in the golden hour
I can't even read this sign. Something Ball
Pirate ship!
I was intrigued.. but not enough to pay 50 cents
Enterprise! James told me this is fairly rare
Here it goes..
Spinning up..
Wow, it tilts up really high!
Ride's over!
Hold on tight!
It just hangs there at the top forever!
I wonder if it ever gets stuck up there..
Not this time!
This picture came out a little dark but I really liked it
Flying chairs!
That shelf cloud is still lurking!
Ride silhouettes
Ah, Zipper.. we meet again
Riding along..
Weee, roller coasters!
The flags mean it's fun
Round and round they go
The machine that shakes change out of peoples' pockets
Gondola in the sun
It's like that Pripyat ferris wheel.. but a lot more cheerful
Bright colors!
Ferris wheel and clouds!
Camera duel!
Starship 2000 seemed pretty crazy
The Zipper in action
Chaos theory at work
I hate this ride
Starship 2000 spun up and I got to play with high F-stops
The food area!
We opted for grilled paninis
I went with the Chicken in the Grass
Sunset is near!
Rides near sunset
Rides always make good photos
Neat clouds
Project 365 picture!
Giant inflatable gorilla?
I'm sure this is a Nintendo sanctioned ride
Ferris wheel all lit up!
The moon!
A camel!
This would've been a cooler picture if I got there in time to see them still making the popcorn
The fair as night falls
The lights are starting to stand out more
The moon and probably Jupiter
Lit up food stands
Tickets tickets tickets!
Giant plastic balls!
Awww, a dead plastic ball
You are viewing images from 08/13/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 181 pictures.
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