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Neil is sleepy
I took this picture by accident but I liked it, so I kept it
Mmm, dinner
Buzz looks disgruntled
What's up, Neil?
My Canon Digital Rebel XSi!
Messing around..
Playing with the zoom on my books
Neil, you're not supposed to be on the couch
Aww, I guess you can stay
Uhh.. hi?
A typical Saturday night.. Netflix and programming!
What's up, Topaz?
Synacorians enjoying lunch!
Matt and his funny little kid
Garth's wife and kid!
Steve brought his girlfriend to the picnic.. never got her name
Hanging out and taking advantage of the open bar
Matt catches me taking his picture
Shawn doesn't care
Steve was having a good time
Garth busts out his camera
A picture of Matt where he's not making a crazy face!
Garth's D90
Oh Matt, I can't sneak a picture past you
Steve and his girlfriend
Garth checks his phone
Kate was there briefly
Hi Steve
Su came by too!
Hey Topaz
I'm gonna kick Topaz's ass!
I am the champion!
Gah, it didn't last for long..
Shawn and Matt enter the ring
The tension crackled in the air
And there they go!
Shawn was tough to knock down!
Cue dramatic music
Shawn gains the upper hand
Come on, Matt!
Shawn's not going down!
Matt flies headfirst into the wall
Matt gets ready for some Kanjam
Steve and Shawn were on the other side
Will Shawn's foam fighting skills transfer to Kanjam?
Steve's "what the hell just happened?" face
Throwing the frisbee
The goal is to try to throw the frisbee into the can
Matt takes his turn
If the frisbee isn't going to go in the can, you have to try to knock it in yourself
Kanjam is fun!
Matt lines up a shot
Topaz's turn
Garth and his family head over
Steve was having fun
This looks like a wild shot if I've ever seen one
Topaz lines up a shot
Frisbee in the foreground!
Garth's wife takes a shot at the crazy ball on a rope game
Topaz incorporates fancy footwork into his throw
Shawn goes for a high frisbee
He's like a dog!
Topaz looks like he's determined to not let the frisbee past
Look at the reach on that guy!
The frisbee kept landing short on this side
Gotta love the look of concentration on Matt's face
Shawn has declared this the worst picture ever taken of him
He manages to knock it into the can!
Matt slams the frisbee down into the can
Garth gets in on the next game
I was on Garth's team (teammates are on opposite sides)
I attempt to smack the frisbee into the can
The CMS team hanging out
Sitting around on the grass
Garth put his D90 to use
Shawn telling a story
Talking about calling John
Garth demonstrates the proper way to move a baby
Sitting around on the grass, killing time
Is it time for prizes yet?
"Yeah, we're gonna class that place down"
Matt sitting around
Preparing the raffle bag
Steve believed I was going to win the TV
Nothing sadder than a deflated bounce house
The excitement was palpable as prize time approached
Announcing various gag awards
There were a bunch of awards
I forget which one John won
Ron Frankel himself won an award!
Ron, our fearless leader, gives a pep talk to the Synacorians
You are viewing images from 08/15/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 93 pictures.
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