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A picture of the ridiculous pool destruction going on next door. Taken with my broken-ass lens
Cars in the courtyard at lunch!
I'm not sure why these cars are here, but they look cool
Some kind of company thing for one of the other companies in the building
Spiffy red cars
Aesop's cart?
HSBC tower with some neat clouds
The top of the tower
There are a lot of cool clouds in Buffalo
This reminded me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
This REALLY reminded me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Project 365!
OK, you convinced me. But I can't promise Wacko will listen..
Seagull on the shore
Buffalo in the distance!
The buildings of downtown Buffalo
A glorious cloudscape
The cool mill building
A closeup of the detail
The top of the building
There are a lot of really interesting abandoned industrial buildings in Buffalo
Boat on the water
A few boats way out in the lake
Some gross bug on a cool flower!
The new and the old
Slightly different New and Old
I liked how dark and ominous this one came out
Flower and the mill building
One more
This guy was getting ready for some windsurfing
Little waves
I'll have to see if I can get closer to this building some time
A neat seagull silhouette
The Lake Erie shore
Some geese!
Geese in the water
Go geese go
Not really a dock or a pier since it doesn't connect to anything..
The geese continue to make their way through the lake
Bottom's up
The walkway along the shore
Some neat clouds across the highway
A tree by the shore
That building again
The dock thing
Wood and clouds
A panorama of the lake shore
Clouds over the building
Getting further away..
Clouds and the windfarm
A seagull flies around
A wider view of the building
Some dudes on jetskis!
Another seagull making its way through the sky
The geese take flight!
The view of the building from the park nearby
So cool
A little more exposed
An airplane!
Boats in the water
Sailing awaaay
Heading out to the lake
It's a very visually interesting area
The wind turbines
Boat and birds
Boat, birds, building, and ..'bines?
Geese in the air!
The turbines again
That boat's getting away!
The building with the turbines
A little more exposed
My shadow!
Looking north
A cool pile of rocks
More neat clouds
Heading back towards the building
The turbiens again
The Golden Hour is upon us
A very cool picture of that building with a dock
Building and pier
A little wider..
Wider still....
The jetskiers are back!
Back so soon?
One last picture before the battery died
You are viewing images from 08/26/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 91 pictures.
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