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Poor Mickey!
I was lead to believe that this was a road..
The Temptation Chamber!
I think it's a good sign that this kind of crap isn't really all that tempting anymore
I'm often accused of making the same face every day in Project 365. So I figured I'd practice with something new
Is this any better?
My first Tim Horton's coffee!
A weird chicken "snacker"
A good way to spend a Sunday afternoon
PHP books!
Ack! A spiderweb!
The Electric Elevator Site & Gelinmac Silos
That's a lot to type, so let's call it the Gelinmac Silos
Weird electric equipment
A lone bolt!
Has The Marked One been around here?
Lots of grain could fit in here
I think I'll stop right here
Though it is tempting..
I doubt this would stop Wacko
The Marine A Elevator
My lonely car, parking in a sketchy "parking lot"
A neat bridge
Bridge and silos
Looking across the bridge
It's one of those bridges that moves up to let boats under it.. but I don't think it's called a draw bridge
A wider view of the bridge
What an inviting driveway..
Standard Elevator and American Elevator
There are a lot of abandoned grain elevators around here..
The American Elevator building
Wacko's going to kill me for not climbing into this hole
It was in the bottom of one of the silos
Another shot of the Standard Elevator
Up close to the Gelinmac Silos
The view of the elevators from the bridge
The elevators on the southern side of the river
Looking across the bridge
Neat bridge
Big boat!
The English River
And it's lumbering away!
Since I was in town, I stopped by the marina near Synacor
The Naval & Military Park.. it turns out that's the USS Little Rock!
The sky bridge and yet another elevator!
Boats going down the river
A sailbot!
Sailing along
Stupid seagull, this isn't the sea!
Boats heading out to the lake
Is that a bunny?
A bunny!
Bunny in the flowers!
What's that poking around the corner?
Why it's the English River again!
It looks like I beat it to the lake
It's horn was loouuudd
The English River in an American river?
This guy was just chilling out
And there it goes!
Around the lighthouse..
Wide turns..
Big boat, little boat
Neat art
It's abstract!
Rocks on the shore
Lots of people were out today
I asked this guy if I could take his photo. He was cool with it.
"Could you look out at the lake again?"
Jet skis!
Street light / seagull chair
Looking out at the lake
Seagull flying around
A good place to watch a sunset
Walking along the lake shore
The top of the obvservation tower
The observation tower at the end of the marina
A big anchor thing
A speed boat
The observation tower again
I know what the sign's for, but that doesn't make it less funny
The view from the top of the tower!
Looking back down the marina
Buffalo Town Hall
That's a lot of boats
The Skyway
People enjoying the view
Marina and tower
It's a nice view
The jetskis look like fun
Another view looking back down the marina
Lots of boats coming back in
I figured this was a better picture for Project 365 than the weird faces one
American flag!
Creepy spider
It's electfic! Boodoo doo doo doo doo doo
Buffalo buildings
Ducks in the lake!
The USS Little Rock again, closer to sunset
The USS Little Rock with the Skyway
Synacor at Sunset
You are viewing images from 08/29/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 110 pictures.
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