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I got a gyroscope!
John thought it was pretty neat
Funyons make pretty good croutons. Diet Mountain Dew makes a good afternoon pickup
Topaz keeps building these magnetic repulsion structures
Here he is in action
I finally got around to photographing that giant building
Unfortunately, I accidentally left the ISO on 1600
The building is enormous
The Steel Winds!
I drive past this every day on the way to and from work
The neighborhood it's in is a little sketchy
This is the shot I've been wanting to get. The rundown houses in front of the massive industrial brute. I'll have to come back and get it again
A slightly wider shot of the rundown houses
Look what I found on the side of the road?
Steel Winds
Looking down the road I parked on
Turning down the exposure a little..
Another fine parking job by me
Back to the Cargill Pool Elevator on a very windy day!
It's such an interesting building
The wind must have been gusting over 50 miles per hour
Clouds and wind!
This guy was trying to fly a kite. This tree was trying to stay alive
A gray building and a gray day
The wind surfing guys were having a fun time
Maybe not this guy..
It's so windy! I nearly got blown off this rock!
Steel Winds!
Water was splashing over the barrier
Rough seas.. or.. lakes
A seagull walking away from the wind gets all poofy
The seagulls weren't having a fun time
This guy was grooving on the wind
It's cool how they're all facing the same direction
A new building! Unfortunately, it's not labeled on Wikimapia
Another gorgeous view from the shore
I think these are pretty big waves for a lake..
The sun is out!
A closeup of the mysterious white building
This guy was doing the same thing I was
Sunlight sparkling on the wavy lake
Clouds and waves
The Skyway!
I was considering climbing up this ladder until I noticed the lock on the entrance
I take this every day on my commute
Skyway and billboard
The Great Nothern Elevator peeking out behind some trees
I liked the way the crane was framed by the plants here
The General Mills Elevator
It's too bad the power lines had to be in this shot
The Great Nothern Elevator again
The General Mills place smells like Cheerios sometimes
I dunno, buildings..
This picture was really underexposed but I liked the way it came out
Standing on a precarious ledge near another marina-type place
Cool boat lifting thing
This is exactly like the thing I was standing on
One giant chain on the boat lifting machine
Agaway/GLF Elevator
Looking back towards General Mills
Agaway again. Looks like a good place to find some artifacts if this was S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
The wide view looks like it'd make a nice wallpaper
This ledge was even more precarious as it was over the water, moving, and had no railings. It let me get pictures of the buildings without boats in them, though. Looked cool too.
Great North
Old and busted
A closeup of the top
I wonder how many bricks are in this building..
Cool view looking down the dock
Agaway closeup
What's this structure?
Water and brick
I thought this could make a good wallpaper
This too
A mystery building!
Why are all the white buildings unlabeled?
Red and white!
Blue water tower
Great Nothern Elevator and Mysterious White
Dock and a boat!
One more of Red and White
Another brick background
Boat stands?
A sea of old boat stands!
Why are they all here?
There's so many!
The road of old boat stands
Boats and the skyway
Hey, I know that crane!
Man, this city feels more like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. every day..
Don't go near it! All the machinery is really radioactive!
Crane in the sky
Boat and buildings
Boats and buildings!
The Lake & Rail Elevator, yet another elevator!
The Standard Elevator again! I saw this the other day from just around that bend in the river
A closeup of the Standard Elevator
Lake & Rail again
The little area where I stood to get these pictures
I thought about going down here to get better pictures of the Concrete Central Elevator, but the trees looked like they'd be in the way anyway
Cargill Superior Elevator
Another totally not-sketchy parking area
There are so many elevators in this city.. gotta catch 'em all!
I totally didn't lazily take this series of photos from my car..
Rails and elevator
I like the railroad sign here
Another Cargill elevator
A slightly wider shot of the elevator and railroad sign
Cargill makes some really interesting buildings
Cargill Elevator and trees
Looking back down the road
Ominous road
The view from the driver's seat
Concrete Central
I saw this while driivng out of here
It looks like a bandits hangout in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Cool place to hang out
Lake & Rail again
Lake & Rail and a crane
How to tell you're in a good neighborhood...
You are viewing images from 09/04/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 124 pictures.
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