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Bryce seems super excited to be here
Topaz snapped this picture of me from the back seat
Bryce checks out the menu at Fuji Grill
Topaz wants all of the above
What to order?
Our meals being prepared!
Bryce and Topaz got some sake. I was the driver :(
Checking stuff on the G1
My awesome sushi platter!
Closeup on the goodness
Grab a roll!
Topaz does not approve of dipping it in soy sauce
Topaz's favorite part of the day
Bryce got some cool new glasses
Bryce had a good time
Neil and Buzz get reaquainted with Bryce
What the hell is up with this ATM?
Texting in the convenience store
Weird lens on the security camera
The measures I have to take to make sure Bryce doesn't drink my drink
What kind of a crazy face is that?
Neil was a fan of Bryce's bag
Let's make Neil uncomfortable
We stopped by the naval museum on the way to Niagara Falls
It's that statue of Tesla! That must mean we're at Niagara Falls!
There it is!
A rainbow was over the American falls
Bryce poses for the obligatory picture. Unfortunately, I was on ISO 1600, so I made him do it again later
Waiting in line for coffee
The rainbow again
Bryce poses for another picture
Sightseeing helicopter
Looking upstream of the American falls
Looking, er, downstream
The crazy people going to the Cave of Winds
You're gonna get wet!
The Rainbow Bridge
Bryce contemplates the falls while sipping his coffee
So much water!
Water in the foreground, trees in the background
The Horseshoe falls!
Way more water!
This guy was just chilling out and playing the bagpipes. If I recall correctly, he was playing the American national anthem since it was September 11th
Ahhh, falls and coffee
Standing waves!
What's down there?
Another obligatory posed picture
Bryce is having a good time
The Maid of the Mist
A nice view
People enjoying the falls
Butt depot!!
Pretty hard to miss
You can tell you're in Canada when..
Various attractions
Bryce is At This Machine
This sign was crazy
Strange attarctions
This thing was moving around
Frankenstein what?
Black light mini-golf!
Bryce's shirt really stood out
Bryce carefully lines up his shot..
There was all kinds of madness down here
For some reason, the bright colors resulting from the black light came out really well on my camera
An astronaut!
I'm scared to go through the stargate
Creepy xenomorph!
No wonder I was scared of the stargate.. the xenomorph was waiting for me!
Crazy colors!
We're in Egypt now?
Strange things
Bryce missed this shot
Oh no, we've enetered the 70s!
I'm scared!
Crazy lava lamp room
Bryce's ball is the yellow streak in this picture
The wall is very happy
Weird Simpsons art
Bryce takes his next shot
Mike would enjoy this
White Shirt bryce
I thought this obstacle looked cool
Underwater world!
Sunlight? But that much mean we've come to the end!
A dragon guarded the last hole
We added it up later and Bryce won by 3 or 4 points. Curses!
Bryce tried to get money out of the ATM and wound up with Canadian money!!
"What's it called, the Pile Driver?" "Actually yes.."
Shooting things in an arcade
Wow, what a prize
I love air hockey!
Another arcade gun
How are they winning so much?
Bryce exchanges his $20 Canadian for $20 US
Cool picture of the water fountain
The falls from the Canadian side
Bryce checks them out
Scratch another tourist destination off the list
A nice wide shot of the falls
Looking around
People climbing back up the hill
The Rainbow Bridge
Shiny building
The WWE building
Funny little car
Bryce wasn't super thrilled to pose for this picture
Ferris wheel!
That crazy Burger King again
Another creepy rope climbing robot
Sideways buildings!
Botched Photoshop! (Look at her finger!)
Based on Steve's recommendation
Bryce checks his phone while waiting for wings
I got chicken fingers
Bryce got a big pile of wings
Bryce got a 40 at the convenience store. Welcome to not Pennsylvania!
What's he doing?
Probably playing the latest, greatest new video game..
Ack! No! It's Playstation Home!
It was awful.
You are viewing images from 09/11/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 131 pictures.
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