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The view down my street
All the people living here sell parking on their lawns
And they make a killing!
Lots of people standing around outside Sunoco
So many people!
Getting ready to cross the street..
This guy had a tough day
Waiting to cross
Lots of traffic
Traffic's stopped, run!
The visiting team fans have to go all out!
Fancy limo
Selling shirts
That's not where beer cans go!
An abandoned Dolphins fan
Crazy bus!
Lots of cans to be had
Another cop holds back a wave of people
They changed the traffic patterns. Three lanes going one way, one going the other
A group of tailgaters
Tailgating in style
The inflatable guy was pretty excited
Bills cheerleaders
A crowd was always gathered outside the bathrooms
Remind me not to hang out in the stampede zone
This guy turned the pedestrian walkway into the pedestrian danceway!
The side of the stadium
Hey, Kanjam!
The field house
Getting further and furhter away, looking for Steve
Getting a beer funnel ready
"Can I get a picture?" "Sure.. oh wait! Not with this guy!!"
These guys demanded I take a picture of their setup
"Take my picture!!"
Does this even count as a hamburger anymore?
Walking back to the stadium
Inside the field house
Various exhibits..
Picture of the day!
Is that the proper way to transport beer?
Security stands ready
Lots of people still milling around
That poor Dolphins bear!
The Dolphins fans thought it was funny too
Free t-shirts! You can see one flying through the air
The stampede zone living up to its name
Unfortunately, I was zoomed in, but this was a guy who hugged his security guy after his patdown
Trying the Droid at the Verizon booth. Yuuuck
So many people!
Four wheelers are serious business
Cops waiting for the people to pass
Letting a few cars through
Beer cans were everywhere
What's up, 7 news guy?
This is actually tumbleweed blowing past
A guy collects cans while everyone piles into the stadium
Feather boas!
"Take our picture!"
"Take my picture!"
Dragging a tiny dolphin
Everyone was piling into the stadium
Lots of garbage near the entrance
I jumped in on their picture!
What's this dog sniffing for?
Hey doggy
The game already started!
So much garbage. Disgusting.
Happy fans in the stands
My spiffy new NASA hat!
You are viewing images from 09/12/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 77 pictures.
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