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Looking back the path at some nature preserve
Neat building
The road ahead
Nice fence
Weird viewing area
Unusual bird?
The bird's flying away!
What's this column piece doing here?
Mysterious column on the shore
Lighthouse and that bird again
Looking at the rocks that lead out into the lake
The path got more and more rocky
Buffalo skyline
Looking back on the path
The skyway
A closeup of the cool rocks
I love depth of field pictures
Rocks and some water obstacle
For stopping boats?
Ominous sky
The HSBC tower
Looking back from the end of the path
The column piece again
This animal on the path wound up being a cat
Skyline and barbed wire fence
What's this animal track? The cat?
A few tracks
Another observation area
Information on a panel
What is this, a marsh?
There are supposed to be birds in there..
This is where I was, apparently
Topaz has beer in Macanudo?? What's going on?
Everyone's got beer!
"No pictures!"
Is that a beer cart??
Our CEO, Ron Frankel, handed out beer to everyone at work!
It was to thank everyone for all their hard work lately
The plan was to bring beer to the people, but word spread fast
It wasn't just crap like Bud Light, either. Good stuff!
Looking through the selection
"I want that one"
Protect the beer!
The line increases
Joe hides from the camera
Macanduo has beer!
Everyone has beer!
Word got out quickly via the general chat
John got wasted. No, not really.
I still haven't learned how to photograph the moon
The moon over a creepy dark street
Steve finally got a new laptop!
He loves his new mac!
Andrew Cuomo came to Synacor to give a speech about jobs for his gubernatorial campaign
Bright lights!
Lots of reporters!
Where did that backdrop come from?
Reporters getting ready
Various protesters outside.. and a guy in a chicken
There weren't that many
Lots of people gathered around to watch Cuomo
There he is!
Lots of people were taking pictures. Zarko wasn't
Neat soundboard
People gathering around
Mike Canz talks about his Perl platform
Joe talks about his disco platform
Tom was the campaign manager for.. some big stuffed bear
John Kav loves Diet Mountain Dew
Matt brought his baby in!
The sky is in fire!
Holy crap! What a crazy sunset!
It was really amazing
Firey clouds!
Potential wallpaper material?
This would've been a really cool picture if it weren't for the crap on the edges. I might have to photoshop it
Tree on sunset
Check out this sweet tree!
Optimus Prime?
This truck looked neat with the sunset behind it
Fire in the sky!
Neat clouds in the difference
Well, that was a fun sunset
What could b in this package?
Ohmygodohmygod! It's my new phone!
It's a G2! A variant of the HTC Desire Z
The side of the box
Back of the box
There it is!
The aluminum back feels nice and cool on my phone
The side of the phone
The keyboard revealed! The hinge mechanism is buttery smooth
Topaz seems dubious
Unpacking the box more
All the contents of the box
It was nice of them to include the microusb cable
Evo, iPhone, Nexus One, G2, G1! The future is now!
A family portrait of the G2 and G1
Look at that screen! It's so much bigger than the G1's!
G2 with the keyboard open again
Let the customization begin!
The G2 in the cloudy sunlight
You are viewing images from 10/02/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 109 pictures.
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