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You know you've got a serious bunch of geeks when they show up with a bag full of board games
Ben (Endorphion) and Dani (Sierra) claim the couch
Dani and Kate sitting around
Brian (Skie) gets ready for a game of Cash n Guns
Topaz hands me my weapon
Brian.. I don't think that's how you use it
Dani's excited
Checking the rules
Caught off guard in a first person shooter photo
Being shot makes Brian sad
I played as Huggy.. apparently
The game involves pointing guns at each other!
The money on the line
Topaz foolishly chose to challenge himself
Ben and Dani are ready to rock
Another game, another dollars
Who's that red head who's joined our game?
It's Nicole and Chris, who just arrived at the party?
Dani borrows a move from Tien and unleashes a Solar Flare!
This picture will come in handy when Topaz is a billionaire
Huggy is serious business
I surrender!
Chris looks over his cards
Kate plays in another game group in the next room
Guns n Cash continues
Is no one safe?
What's going on in this room?
Standing around..
Joel ( Hade)
Don't you point that thing at me
Hi Nicole
Live wallpapers are fun
No, cameras don't make Kate act awkward, why do you ask?
Hi Brian
Project 365 picture!
Goofy project 365 picture!
Signing? Or just waving?
Waiting to start a new game
DS Fat? Brian, you need to get with the times!
I shared the couch with Chris and Nicole
The way this game works is to write a phrase that meets the card. People then guess who wrote what
Explaining the rules
My table was a Metal Gear Solid box!
Not sure what Topaz's deal is here..
Signing rules to Dani
Talking about a fish Ben caught?
Kate spotted a ghost in the corner
Gathering peoples' responses
Kate's got a snazzy chair
Nicole was really good at this for someone who supposedly hadn't met anyone in the room before
Pizza is good
Suzi strikes the "Topaz"
Brian like pizza
Nicole draws on her knee
Playing Out of Context!
Aww, Ben and Dani on the couch
Waking up on the couch the next morning
Geeks that we are, the internet is never far away
French toast!
Yeah toast!!
A nice Sunday morning
John Sheffer was in the squad hall when we stopped by to check out a networking job
Topaz inspects the wiring
Spiffy hat (note the bottle opener)
Who you gonna call?
Eden has some big rescue vehicles
Though it is smaller than an airplane
I bet this thing is loud
Eden to the rescue
Oh that's good to know
The interior's pretty cool, but I didn't feel like going through all the compartments
Oxygen cannisters!
I'm not allowed to notice unautorhized people?
The squad hall has this framed piece of the World Trade Center steel
A piece of history, if a sad piece
You are viewing images from 10/03/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 78 pictures.
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