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There's a hole in the sky.. through which things can.. fly!
He's actually running cables down to IT on the first floor
Spooky field
Neat project 365 pic
The camera kept taking pictures, and I got this weird blurry one
The Platform team went out to lunch to welcome Beager to the team
Topaz, Beager, Dipak, Jeff, Steve
Steve looks like that guy in Prototype
Shawn mocks the weather gods
Shawn, Matt, and Joe
Our destination awaits
Joe gives me a look as we cross the street
Brawler's Deli!
Steve looks for the menu
Air quotes?
Waiting to order
The Barrel sounds disgusting!
Matt and Shawn sitting at the table
It was a nice place
Jeff looks at the seats
Beager, the guest of honor, arrives at the table
Topaz is just trying to hold on until his pile meat arrives
Extra chairs?
Carol and Beager joke about something
(Most of) the Platform team!
Joe's always making a goofy face when I take his picture
Waiting for food
What's Beager doing down there?
What the hell is this thing?
Dipak and Carlo
Looking down the table
Shawn listens to.. someone
Dipak talking about something
Topaz's sandwich was monstrous
A good way to start off the afternoon
Jeff's sandwich was pretty big too
Heading back to Synacor
There are a lot of interesting clouds in Buffalo
Ominous clouds ahead
More clouds
Looking out towards the lake
I bought a giant whiteboard! Well, whiteboard-like substance
Buzz approves
Topaz explains some of Lyaria's systems while Buzz listens attentively
Buzz tires quickly of math
Bell curve!
"You paying attention?"
Topaz's beard is approaching professor level anyway
Buzz is being bad
He went running once I sprayed him
Neil always looks slightly shocked
Buzz dares me to push him off my chair
Hey look at that phone, standing up so nicely. How could that be?
Ohhh, it's a janky-ass stand made out of paperclips!
The phone holder in all its glory
The business card was a crucial stabilizing element
You are viewing images from 10/07/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 56 pictures.
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