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Waiting in vain for my taxi to pick me up outside of work. I ended up running it
Lucky terminal 13
The bus station
This is where they drop you off, dazed and disoriented, in the morning
30th Street Station!
See? I told you
Ah Boltbus. I know you well
Someone took a slice off this building
Waiting for Bryce
Driving out of the city
The zoo balloon!
Lots of nice trees out here
Bryce had a great idea: IHOP!
Bryce loves IHOP
It was pretty busy, but you can't really tell from this corner of the restaurant
Bryce stayed perfectly still.. then looked forward, making a weird double exposure effect
Pepper loves her new toy
She can't wait to play with it
Alicia and her friends
I saw Sue for the first time since leaving Baldwin!
What's up, Bryce?
I was going to delete this one, but Alicia thought it was funny
Alicia hanging out on the couch
Alicia's dad snags some snacks
This is the pre-party, by the way
Hanging around on Bryce's comfy couch
The best man revealed at last! Colin!
Pepper had already shredded her toy. Good thing it didn't have any stuffing!
Getting ready to head out
I haven't seen Wes for a while either!
Bryce and his mom
Bryce creepily prepares for a picture with Alicia
Aww, the happy couple
I love Bryce's face here.. "Why are you still taking pictures?"
Picture time is over
Let's get out of here
Sweet headband, Colin
Playing some Smash Brothers in Alicia's basement
Bryce's crazy editing keyboard
Watching some AVGN
I looked a little better later when my hair was dry (by hanging it out the car window) and the light didn't accentuate my gut
Bryce is all ready to go
Sammy is cool
Lucy is slightly less cool
Bryce looks even taller than normal
Lucy, Sammy, and Eric (Alicia's Dad)
Waiting to head out to the restaurant
Walking along..
Sammy comes running
So many names!
Jefferson was waiting for us
The party begins
It's a complicated lighting situation with the bright windows and dark interior
Bryce and Sandy (Alicia's Mom)
I ended up sitting next to Alan, too!
Alicia's friends
Bryce and Alicia
Posing for pictures..
Bryce makes some smalltalk
There was food to be had
Football was on
The dining room area
Mr. Chaess arrives
People I don't know...
More people I don't know...
Hey, I know Alicia..
It's Wes! That's someone else I know
Wes and Alicia hug
Alicia was excited
Alicia's uncle
Back to people I don't know
Alan's sneaking up on Sandy!
Oh god! He's sneaking up on ME!
Standing around..
Open bar!
Hey Bryce
Wes talks to.. someone
I can't spell the french name for the food on that platter. OK, I looked it up: hors d'oeuvres
Hi people
This guy gave me a look
Sue chatted with people
"What do you think?" "I don't know"
Looking towards the windows
Kid on the bar!
Who's Sue talking to? Who knows
Alicia and.. person
Alicia and.. other people
Alicia and Sammy!
As Vic and Amanda walked in, Vic looked around, and sloowwly took his World of Warcraft hat off
Alicia and her mom!
Having fun, Bryce?
The Lone Beaver has arrived!
Hiii Brett
With this stool, Bryce could start his own space program. Just throw shit
Bryce and Brett
Brett was having a good time
Vic and Amanda still hung out near the door
Meanwhile, the people I don't know are still here!
Amanda had a sweet Ryo-Ohki backpack
The people who knew Bryce
Mike and Meri!
Mike talks to Alan
Eric and.. person
People at the bar
I don't even know
Standing around..
Colin makes his way to the front of the party
What is Jefferson up to?
Back to the Bryce Zone..
We eventually sat down. I sat across from Mike and Meri
Also Amanda!
This is the best and strangest picture of Alan I've taken yet
Vic and Amanda
I got a fancy nametag
Sammy was impressed with Alan's EVO. I've got to admit the kickstand is handy
Eric makes a speech
Bryce let Sammy sit on his lap
Wes's turn to make a speech
I figured I better do my photographic duty and take some pictures of guests at their tables
More people..
The cool table
People I don't know
Alicia's friends
Other people
Eric and people
Alicia, Bryce's sister Emily, and Alicia's sister Rachel
Back of the restaurant
I liked that wicked old guy
Round table..
I don't know.. people..
Jefferson and brett
Group photo!
No one judged Alan and Bryce when they adopted Sammy
Picture of the day!
Bryce wanted to get a picture with Jefferson and Sammy together
Sammy stepped it up a notch
Sammy loved rubbing his head all over Jefferson. Jefferson was less enthusiastic
The Winants!
Jefferson at the bar
Hey Brett
Bryce and Alicia
Brett and Bryce wait around somewhat awkwardly
What's up, Sue?
Back home! Nice and comfy
A pile of loot!
The clipboard and pen is ready!
Back in comfy clothes
Brett heard my camera clicking away
Whaddya think's inside? MAYBE IT'S CANDY!!
Lucy was pretty excited
Playing with Lucy
Bryce looks super excited
Who's this card from?
Bryce looks even more excited
"It's plates"
Alicia liked the plates better
What's in the giant box?
It's a blender!
Bryce takes a nap
Wine? Now that's something we can all get behind
What's in Vic and Amanda's box?
It's knives! That's why they made Bryce pay a penny for it! Sandy cut her finger while opening it. "My knives!" says Alicia
Bryce is already spending the FYE gift card Brett gave him and Alicia
Hitting the road! We'll just go to FYE!
Brett in the backseat!
Objects in the mirror may be nerdier than they appear
Nice trees
Hey, this tree knows what season it is!
We've arrived in the city
Eyes forward, Brett
We've arrived at FYE!
I can agree with all three things here
Dead Rising 2? That's what we're here for!
Lots of CDs
Right after this picture, an employee asked me to stop taking pictures
You are viewing images from 10/10/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 184 pictures.
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