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Hey, it's Otaku Generation again!
Bryce and Matt on the mics
The show is well underway
Paul, the OG newbie! He's the one who actually watches anime
You can tell a good segment by measuring Bryce's phone usage time
So much tech equipment
Show's over!
What's up, Paul?
Alan in his tech lair
Microphone! How come I don't get a pop filter, hmmm?
Alan's lovely newspaper collection
Hey Rocko!
My bus didn't leave for several hours, and then much later since I missed it, so I spent all day with Dave!
Rocko didn't like the sound of the camera
Baldwin represent
Getting a burrito!
Dave's enormous burrito
What's that trowel for? Moving jalapeno plants! That's waht!
Rocko shows Dave some love
Rocko's not sure what dave is up to
Repotting plants
Rocko was fun to photograph
Dave in plant land
Little plant!
Repotted plant!
Hiii Rocko!
Sleeping dog...
"What was that sound?"
Rocko is ready for his walk
Are YOU ready?
Funky Baldwin elevator!
Taking Rocko for a walk..
Walking along..
Peeing on signs..
It's Davina!
Rocko wants to say hi!
My goal here was to get as close to Rocko as possible without him licking my lens
Davina got Jerry in trouble by mentioning he was going to be home in an hour! Who needs a day off of work then?
Rocko can jump high!
Rocko is so excited
Under the bush!
What's under there?
Anne Burns was working late!
Night walk!
Neat fog in the air while I wait to head into Philly.. again
Train track in the haze
Where's my train?
Nice leaves as seen from the bus
What's with all these news vans?
A bunch of people??
That'll be a tricky move..
Rainbow flags?
It was a pro-gay protest!
I'm not sure that's a sentence..
People were out protesting against Carl Paladino, insane candidate for governor
Lots of rainbow flags
News interviews
This guy knew he was on camera
Waving the flag around
OK, this is pretty much exactly like the picture 3 pictures ago
Gay pride flag! Gotta be careful with the word "flag" in this crowd
So united
Flag in the wind
Everyone get excited!
I thought this sign had a good point
One last interview
You are viewing images from 10/12/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 70 pictures.
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