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Aw, what a sad monitor
Double rainbow!
No really, check it out!
That's pretty awesome
Now I'm cool
What's over the rainbow? Apparently Subway. Or maybe the Bills stadium
Time for a Synacor field trip!
We're going to the Perl seminar!
Nice tree
Topaz is presenting
Trees and clouds
Driving to the hotel in Dipak's car
"Why are you taking pictures?"
Neat foundtain thing
The Synacorians shuffle onwards
Into the elevator?
That fountain is up here too!
This arrow seems to know what it's talking about
We better follow it
The arrow has led us to a land of pizza!
Everyone settles in
The Synacor room
The pizza table was a popular table
Mmm, pizza and laptops
Eating before the presentation
Dipak likes pizza too. He's only human
Dipak keeps up with his reputation as candy distributor extraordinaire
Topaz preps his laptop
Walia makes some last minute notes
Passing a signup sheet around
All ready to go?
Hey look, it's Perl!
Who doesn't love Perl?
Proj365 picture!
I made some origami
A proud recipient of the Perl book prize
Dipak had Topaz and Walia sign it
Well that was fun
Let's all get out of here
Looking at notes?
Hey, it's a laptop, not a carry-around-top
Hey Adam
Hey wait, these streams of water have plastic tubes in them!
The forbidden screen! I won't look at the Retina display, because then I'll want one!
What's this madness back at the office?
Cables everywhere
Various chunks of cubes?
The destruction is spreading
These chairs are trapped!
How do they keep track of what goes where?
That's not the exit!
Rerouting cables
It looks like I took a flash picture of this guy, but he just had a flashlight
The chairs are making a run for it
Go! Live in freedom!
Beager looks pretty comfy in Beanbag Village
Lots of holes in the ceiling these days..
Canz is enjoying the creative area
The chairs have made some progress in their escape attempt
At this rate, they'll never make it
Synacor: Home of the freerange chairs
Another rainbow!?
This one isn't as impressive
But I still took some pictures of it
If this keeps up, I'm going to have to buy some Lucky Charms.. or something
Interesting lighting at this red light
Sunset and a still wet road
See? Interesting pictures can happen when you least expect them
A neat sky over Regency Court
You are viewing images from 10/15/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 71 pictures.
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