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You can't stop progress!
Strange cylinders
So many desks
Tools everywhere
This guy would ask where my camera was if I walked by without it
We have little walls now!
Poor Topaz was staying at my place and ran out of clean t-shirts, so I picked out some of my lamer shirts
The walls are growing
The bookshelves are moving in
This doesn't look right..
A finished area!
Topaz took this picture of me.. it's oddly disturbing
I was sick, so I was in a hoodie and blanket all day
I can actually see out of that little flap.. but you can't see me!
The chairs really stink
Chair party
Finishing up some of the last desks
The "Awkward Table"
Everyone was clearly super stoked to move in
Beager gives the chairs a try
That's it, get comfy
Shawn was uncertain
These holes into the next aisle over are sort of weird
Everyone came over to check out the new area
You can see peoples' heads all the way across the room
Camera showdown!
Topaz contemplates the new work area
The filing cabinets double as chairs
What do you think, Matt?
Topaz is not a big fan
Shiny tops to the columns
Beager jumps in on the picture
The CMS area!
Matt and John
My workstation!
"This isn't necessarily permanent!"
We have a window!
Finally, a window! Look at the clouds!
Neat clouds over the skyway
The view from the beanbag near the window. I ended up using the beanbag almost all the time because I didn't like the chairs
All set in my new workstation
This picture is out of focus, but I liked it
The windows are so reflective at night!
Everyone drew crap on their whiteboards
Perl seminar, part two!
Spiral staircase!
I probably shouldn't have even come to this.. I was still really sick
Getting ready to learn about Perl
Is the projector really broken?
Maybe if we keep hitting the buttons..
Synacor bags!
The seminar gets underway
When I came back, this was how I found Steve's desk
Careful, Steve!
Beager made a Creeper papercraft!
You are viewing images from 10/22/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 59 pictures.
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