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This is not my airplane
This one is!
Gotta love a window seat
Airplanes are fun?
Magical flying tube
I could see the moon above the wing!
I love being above the clouds
The sky is noticeably darker at this altitude
GPS still works!
The clouds are breaking up
A glimpse of the ground
GPS worked, but maps are loaded from the internet, so all I had was our path on a blank background
Descending for landing
This picture isn't great, but it includes the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Capitol building, and (somewhere) the Rally stage!
Looking out over DC and the surrounding area
We're under the clouds again
Getting lower..
Flaps engaged! ..I think
Banking to the right
Shadows of clouds
Fall is a nice time to fly. Lots of colors on the ground
Changing leaves!
You can see the Washington Monument from the airport!
They just let us out right on the ground here!
Unloading bags
This is how we're getting back to the terminal
I've always wanted to walk down the door stairs
Good plane, didn't crash
Whoa, snazzy airport
What's this guy talking about?
Ooo, I think I found my Halloween costume
Where the hell am I?
Waiting at the pickup for Caitlin
Weird rainbowy thing on the bridge
Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial!
This guy's on a segway!
You can see Washington Monument from everywhere, it seems
Caitlin took me on an impromptu, and not entirely planned, tour of the city
There it is again!
In Fallout 3, the Jefferson Memorial is swarming with super-mutants. Not this one though
You can tell we're close since this was taken out of the sunroof
I managed to snag "special guest" tickets to the Rally!
It's a good thing I read the back.. I showed up nearly four hours early to make sure I made it in, and wound up with great seats!
Caitlin got me lunch at some French place
It's SpaceShipOne!!
It's actually SpaceShipOne!!! The first manned commercial spacecraft! Right there!
A, a lovely plaque talking about Friendship 7, the first American orbital mission. And what's this next to the plaque..
Holy crap, it's Friendship 7! The actual Mercury spacecraft that carried John Glenn around the earth in 1962!
A sweet mockup of Explorer 1, America's first satellite
That's a beautiful heat shield. It looks like it could be an Apollo capsule's heat shield. Let's check out the other side
Sweet Zombie Jesus, it's Apollo 11! The first manned mission to land on the moon!
Buzz Aldrin sat here on during launch and reentry during Apollo 11. Incredible
The Apollo control panel
Looking deeper into the capsule
So many switches
I can almost touch it!
A closeup of the heat shield
A replica of Sputnik, the first artificial satellite
A closeup of the Sputnik replica
The actual Bell X-1, the first aircraft to exceed the speed of sound in level, controlled flight
Pioneer H, an actual Pioneer spacecraft built from the spare (flight ready) parts of the other two probes
It's much larger than I imagined
This is the actual door Ed White stepped out of in 1965 on America's first spacewalk. Incredible.
A wider shot of Gemini IV
Space nerd heaven right here
The Viking lander, first vehicle to make a soft landing on the surface of Mars. I'm not sure if this is just a replica or a test vehicle
The robot arm that scooped through the soil looking for life, 30 million miles away
Stardust! I believe this is made from backup hardware. Also note the insanely huge block of aerogel!
Me standing next to Viking!
Sputnik, an X-15, and Pioneer H
This picture is pretty similar to the previous one, but I liked them both
The plaque for Gemini IV
Looking inside the tiny capsule
Jim Lovell and Frank Borman spent two weeks in an identical capsule!
The Gemini IV door again
Robert Goddard's rocket, the first liquid fueled one. I'm not sure if this is a replica or not
Another one of Goddard's rockets under the X-15
The Hubble Space Telescope is enormous!!
I had no idea how huge it was!
A mockup of Skylab
A V2 replica, the first ballistic missile
It advanced rocket technology by so much.. but at what cost?
Various early rocket designs
A mockup of the Apollo/Soyuz mission!
The Dynasoar! An early lifting body vehicle
A scale model of the Saturn V vs the Soviet moon rocket: The N1
The Soviet era Soyuz vehicle
I still can't get over how huge the Hubble is
The Skylab solar panel
John Glenn was apparently some kind of midget! Not really, it's just an exceedingly tight suit
An actual Lunar Module!
This was built for an unmanned test, but never flew
Oh man, how I'd love to go through that door
A model of one of the Surveyor probes! The first American probes to land on the moon
Instructions on how to refill the water tank
Unmanned probe, and manned lander
What an ungainly beast
See? An actual lunar module!
The back of the spacecraft
This guy was saying that Apollo astronauts ate tiny food chunks which expanded in their stomach. I've never heard that before
Me standing in front of the Lunar Module
Where's Pluto? Who cares! Not a planet!
Thermal camera, cool!
Say cheese!
A neat "tactile" model of the smoothness of the universe over time
The actual backup mirror for the Hubble. It's see through because it was never coated with aluminum
Wow, all that hardware wrapped around this tiny CCD
The CCD taking this picture is larger than the Hubble's!
Up close with the Surveyor probe
Looking down on the Lunar Module
The beautiful F-1 engine from the Saturn V's first stage
They used mirrors to reconstruct the view of the five engine cluster on the back of the Saturn V
An actual early model of the Lunar Module. They sure changed a lot!
Gene Kranz's white vest that he wore during the Apollo 13 mission
An Apollo Command Module panel
The quarantine suit worn by Buzz Aldrin upon his return from the moon
Various Apollo 11 artifacts
I had to constantly remind myself that these were the real deal
The things these sunglasses have seen..
Some dubious artifacts
The hatch on the Apollo 11 Command Module
Complex machinery!
A moon rock!
Caitlin and I went into the Skylab mockup
Inside Skylab
Such an enormous pressurized volume!
Whoa, the anti-gravity can must've been really expensive
An Apollo capsule used during the Skylab mission
This is the fourth one I've seen!
Some details on the capsule
The Wright Flyer: the first heavier than air aircraft
This is the genuine vehicle!
The only change is that they Smithsonian replaced the canvas when it started deteriorating
I just had to get a picture in front of this.
It's weird that they essentially flew it backwards
Caitlin was way more into this than the space stuff
See? I told you it was real
A sample of the original canvas
Up close with the X-15
And quite a blast!
Looking down on Apollo 11
The Spirit of St. Louis, SpaceShipOne, and X-1
This room is just overwhelming
A sideways view of the X-15
Neato dome, and a probe I don't recognize
The Lockheed Starfighter!
Some details on the Starfighter
Some neat airplanes
It's tough to get quite as excited about the planes, after coming from the space area
The first human powered aircraft!
Unmanned air vehicles, now these are interesting
An early UAV
One of Boeing's UAVs
The infamous Predator
The DarkStar, I've never heard of this
Some details on the predator
And the DarkStar
Tons of airplanes!
The rear of SpaceShipOne
Apollo 11.. just right there!
I love how the wax from the thermal reentry tests are still there
Friendship 7 again
Are you saying I can.. reach out and grab da mooooon?
Da mooooon!!
Looking into Apollo 11 again
The glare was a little frustrating, but I couldn't get enough of it
That incredible control panle
Steve Fossett's around-the-world balloon capsule
The rear of the capsule
Looking in the window
The front of the Air and Space Museum
Interesting sculpture out front
Looking across the mall
What's that being set up down there?
It's the Rally stage! I can't wait until tomorrow!
A fellow Rally-goer
It's the Pentagon!
It's such a huge building
The Pentagon and Washington Monument
An interesting Air Force monument or memorial thing
You are viewing images from 10/29/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 185 pictures.
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