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Topaz and I bought Steve Minecraft. He was happy, but sad that his life is now over since he must play Minecraft forever
Uncle Sam's got an arcade machine!
Ahhh, good to be back here
It's Nugget! I realized he was going to be home in Worcester as I passed through, so we got some food at Uncle Sam's
And of course, he was sporting his white high tops
Hey Rob!
Rob, Rich, and I went to Chili's for our Christmas meetup. Of course, James couldn't join us, but we talked via text
Ready to go buy some last minute presents??
Uncle Stephen is back from Africa! Next step.. Bogata!
I just liked this picture because Danny is clear while everything else is blurry
Branagans and Christmas decorations!
So many snacks!
Hey Gragra, let's see a smile
There it is!
Greg and Aunt Danni
Nice tree, Uncle Michael
Chris and his fiancee!
What's up, Gragra?
Uncle Christ and Uncle Peter
Oh god, time for Yankee Swap
There are some pretty big packages!
Let's get this thing started
The breakout hit of this year's Yankee Swap, "Fish Head Man", aka some neat artwork that Uncle Stephen and Aunt Danni brought back from Senegal
Going for the big one!
Caitlin attempted to make a politically neutral gift with both Obama and Palin bumper stickers. Got to love the Papyrus on the Obama sticker.. I'm sure It's official
This was Caitlin's first Yankee Swap, but she learned quick, hiding her choice behind her. Out of sight out of mind! Unfortunately, she still lost it in the end!
Gotta love the awkward thing I'm doing with my hands there..
Aunt Teresa got me this screaming monkey. He comes with a parachute!
This year I posed with Santa instead of Becky!
I never got a picture of Aunt Diane at Colleen's wedding, so I'm making up for it now
Watcha got there, Becky? Bacon?
Yeah it's bacon
Watcha cooking?
More bacon?
Also peppers for omelettes!
Hey becky
Ooo, present time
What a grump
In what has become a tradition since Dad lost my stocking, I get a plastic bag
What could be in the box?
Pistacchio nuts!
We both got some pretty handy snow brushes for our cars
What did Becky get Dad?
Some stupid real estate book he wanted! Yaay
Dad was pretty stoked
Becky opens something
This present is a little heavier..
It's the first two seasons of the Sopranos!
Becky's present was a pretty sweet sweater.. thing.
Becky got Dad a nice warm shirt that he wanted, but it's too big! Oh well, he'll just exchange it
Gragra's Christmas tree. Formally Macaroni's favorite hangout spot
Hey Aunt Teresa!
Sitting aroudn Gragra's house
I call this move the Gragra Slump
Uncle Stephen was there too
Gragra set a world record for slowest present opening
"Just open it!"
The suspense was killing us
It's a hat!
Also there were boots! Gragra's magic chair leaned way forward to help her put the boots on
And lastly, opening presents at Mom's house
Macaroni senses something weird is about to happen
Mom's Christmas tree!
Macaroni escapes
Becky checks her phone before we get started
Let's open stuff already!
Nice hat, Mom
What are we doing in the kitchen? This isn't where presents are
Macaroni is so photogenic
Becky hearts her phone
The red light district of the living room
Start with that big one!
Becky liked the ribbons
Mom's turn
Some bags or something. Mom was pretty excited
I got Mom Dancing with the Stars for the Wii, which was goofy but fun
Becky likes her new coat
Macaroni likes his new box
"Ohhh!" what could it be??
That's right, Mom finally has some Uggs. Becky and I got them together
Mom was ecstatic
How come I didn't get a santa hat?
In a lull in present time, Becky checks her phone again
Becky got a hat!
The first picture I took with my new 50mm f/1.8 lens! It's an ES, so I think it works out to more like 70mm when you calculate the 35mm equivalent
Becky poses for the new picture
This was the Obama "Hope" poster I had asked for!
I got Becky a Wii Classic Controller and Mario Kart 64!
She loved it
Pose for the new lens!
I got a remote control for my camera (and a photography vest!)
Macaroni looks even better with the new lens
Hey Mom!
I must have more pictures of Macaroni
We can't let the snow get us down! Let's go kick its ass!
Ready to rock with my new photography gloves and lens
Mom's car has become one with the neighbor's bush
Neil?? But that must mean.. Yes! I survived the drive back to Buffalo!
You are viewing images from 12/27/10 in the main gallery. This set contains 103 pictures.
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