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Starting the weekend off right with Kabuki!
What's up Omar?
Everyone agonizes over all the great menu choices
I see I'm not the only one with a DSLR here
Omar got something involving avocado
Those sizzling meals alawys make me nervous
Albert continues his tradition of making insane faces
Alan prepares to tenderize his food using his camera
Vic solemnly takes the floor.. but.. for what? He has no controller!
Oh god! It's Dance Central on the Kinect!
Dance, Vic, dance! Dance like you've never danced before! Which is clearly true!
Meanwhile, Omar and Jeff talk about some Otakon publications business
Jeff in the corner with somewhat ominous lighting
Joy is all bouncy
Since Joanna actually owns the Kinect, she's pretty good at Dance Central
On the other hand.. we have Mckeed
"I've no time for water, woman! I'm dancing!" OK, he never said that
Mckeed was a little too good at this game
Jefferson is enthralled by the Elements on Jeff's iPad. "I'm learning!"
Albert swaggers up to the.. dance zone
There's no room in Albert's dance routine for emotion
Jeff appears to be doing the Macarena
I declare this Jeff's new Facebook picture
Omar gets down with the rhythm, or something
Kumar had some moves!
Disco inferno?
My last Project 365 picture for 2010!
This is as close to an action shot as you get with Jefferson
Messing with the projector! Funny guyyy
This is the part where we stand around for ten minutes waiting for the new year in Alan's funky basement
According to my atomic clock watch, their clock was slow. But considering all the layers it had to go through, the lag must be considerable.
Mckeed and Joanna!
A silghtly less enthusiastic Amanda and Vic
My first picture of the year!
Jefferson attempts to open some champagne..
It's time to rock out in the new year!!
No wait, it's actually time to figure out how to get the Xbox on the internet
How we ushered in the new year.. tethering Vic's Xbox to Omar's weird portable wifi device
Mckeed just wants to play some goddamn Rock Band
By Kumar!
Aw, Joanna. So mean
Jeff is clearly ready to rock, and yet there is no rock to be had!
Omar clearly came prepared to sleep on the floor this year
Bathrobe mode go!
Alan explains in detail about the new couches
Joy looks like she's a little dubious about Jeff's sleeping pad thing
I have so many pictures of Alan pointing at the camera
Jefferson got the other couch
Omar reminds me of a carrot when he's in his orange sleeping bag with his hair pointing all over the place..
Oh that's flattering
Speaking of crazy hair..
Vic calls this the "calendar shot"
Joy checks the status of the spiked juices
Omar also checked
Morning iPad time
Mckeed is up and ready for some IHOP!
G2 party!
"Are you going to take my picture??"
Who doesn't love IHOP?
I had nothing better to do..
Mckeed's favorite place!
Bryce showed up fashionably late
Mckeed wants a pancake thiiiis big
Amanda and Vic think that is ridiculous
Bryce is sporting his spiffy new glasses
What a mess we've made
Hmm.. this is strange. Why is Omar separating jolly ranchers?
Cherry pile
Organizing an entire bag
There's those Spike Your Juice things again..
Vic made the punch this year, and made us all pitch in! Outraaageous!
Vegetarian Omar proudly shows off his shirt. Cut out the middleman and just eat vegetables!
Ah, the jolly rancher plot becomes more clear with the emergence of this shot glass mold
Looking up the melting and combustion temperatures of various substances
We decided we needed all the soda cans, so after forcing everyone to drink some sprite, we poured the rest into a jug for later
Melting chambers!
I knew this knife would come in handy!
Practicing the transfer maneuver using tongs
Gotta cut more cans
The can tops were pretty useless
Putting the sorted Jolly Ranchers into their cans
The reflections were nice
We decided to go with a double boiler method at first
Don't you know anything Jeff? A watched double boiler never double boils!
The cans are so ready
"What the hell are you idiots doing in here?"
It's time to get this show on the road
The experiment has begun!
They're starting to get kind of squshy, but not liquid..
It was a well documented event
The water boiled merrily away, but the jolly ranchers resisted
Omar decided to add some more water, and everyone but me decided to flee the room in anticipation of some sort of explosion
Testing the consistency of the sugary goop
It made a thin strand that was actually hard, so you could hold it sideways and it wouldn't change shape
Omar disposes of it in the obvious way
We eventually gave up on the boiling technique and just put the cans directly into the oven
Now this is what we want to see! Totally liquid!
Omar performed the delicate pour procedure
I love all the tiny bubbles
That's right. Four cameras. We could probably reconstruct this scene in 3D if we had to
It looks so tasty, but don't try to put some on your finger!
The molds are filled, it's just a matter of cooling them off now
Mmm, jolly ranchers
The inside of the cans were all coated with candy. Good thing we didn't go with the original plan of using Alan's cookware
Closeup of the bubbles
Let's start unwrapping more!
So many wrappers
Jolly ranchers and photographic equipment. Nerd party indeed
Omar is hard at work on the second batch
"You're not making a mess in here, right?"
Paul wandered in to see what all the commotion was about
Joy works on unwrapping more jolly ranchers
The toothpick makes him cool
I feel like this face says "this is pretty awesome, right?" and yes. Yes it is.
Refilling the cans
Meanwhile, in the dance zone, Bryce dances to Lady Gaga
Jeff's turn unwrapping candy
This picture made me laugh really hard when I looked at it later and noticed the picture of the cat in the back of Alan's fridge
Jeff and Joy hanging out in the kitchen
I'm not sure what's happening here, but I'm sure it involves Vic shouting obscenities at me
A hush falls over the crowd as Jefferson takes the dance floor
Go man go!
Amanda attempts to extract the shot glasses
Unfortunately, they were still a little too soft, so we put them back in the fridge
The second batch is ready to go!
Bryce dances to Lady Gaga.. again
Amanda's turn to dance
This time they're holding their shape
Omar pulls off the first jolly rancher shot glass
It's beautiful!
I couldn't stick around to watch the rest, because it was time to run down to Pat's Steaks and get cheesesteaks!
Oh har har, I get it
Mr. Chaess!
Joanna waits in line
"What sub will I have?"
I'm not sure how to caption this face, but I like the picture
Ben's just glad we actually got here, unlike some other years
Alan busts out his DSLR
Albert looking sane for once
What is that face, Bryce?
Jefferson is stoked
Vic on his new G2
I can almost read his texts in his giant glasses
Geno's Steaks sure is flashy
I really liked the wet asphalt in these pictures
Bike guy!
Mckeed makes the final preparations for his order
Vic at the moment of truth, where you either order your cheesesteak like a pro or look like an idiot
Brett came to hang out with us!
His girlfriend Laura came too
Ah, there's the crazy Albert we know and love
Brett looks into his vision of a steak-full future
Alicia's always giving this look to Bryce. Like "what the hell is wrong with you"
How was your sub, Mckeed?
Meanwhile, back at Alan's house, Omar was preparing for the big event..
Amanda and Vic enjoy their freshly minted shot glasses while the preparations for the event are finalized
Alicia's here!
I'm not sure what this was a reaction to, but who cares
The big event! It's Vic's birthday! Omar made him a strange cake with a billion candles!
Laura and Brett were enjoying their first Alancon
So many candles
Ahh! It's too bright!
He got them all in one go!
The smoke made some interesting patterns in the projector light
I finally got my shot glass! I got one of the two toned ones from the second batch
Brett nearly covered his shot glass completely in aluminum foil to avoid stickiness
Alan in his element. This is where the podcast is recorded, edited, uploaded, everything.
Domo-kun, the patron saint of podcasters
Bryce is getting progressively more frazzled
Brett was brought on a whirlwind tour of Alan's recording studio
Dipping into the punch, Bryce?
Albert got a G2 too! The G1 club has upgraded to the G2 club!
You know what the best part of this picture is?
This picture. Go back and forth between this and the one before.
Joy thinks it's getting late. Because it is.
What's up, Ben?
Mckeed wished to remain anonymous
Jefferson seems to dazed. It must be the power of rock
"You gonna take my picture?"
The dreaded pro keyboard! Keep it away from me!
Brett was having a good time
You can tell cause he throws his head back to rant
Funny stuff
Laura challenged Alicia to a dance off. Here she is attempting to navigate the menus
How do you get this stupid thing going?
"If I see these pictures online, I will kill you"
Alicia got into the moment in spite of herself
"This is hard!"
Don't fall over!
To be fair, it's pretty intimidating to dance like an idiot in front of all these.. idiots.
Go, Alicia, go!
Hanging out on the couch
Jefferson's turn to dance again
Alicia changed into a t-shirt for more comfortable dancing. Bryce approved of the theme
Round two of dancing
Brett wasn't a very good dancer
This picture came out great. Picture of the weekend.
I suspected what Bryce was planning when he put his arms under his shirt.. lucky for you those photos have been redacted
A good portrait of Brett
Yes, even I got in on the Dance Central action. It was a blast once you stopped caring you looked like a doofus
Light bright has come so far!
The next morning, a wild Scintilla appeared!
While the elusive wild Mckeed receded into the woods, only to emerge next July for prescreenings.
I love the bat backpacks
Jefferson is never quite sure what to do when I point the camera at him.
Bryce was feeling better after a night of madness
That's right, we're at Sang Kee again for some delicious Chinese food!
Peter and Katie came with us!
They couldn't make the rest of Alancon, but at least they could join us for Sunday brunch
Alicia.. counts?
Albert just wants some food already
Gross ducks
We're making progress, we're inside!
It was a little rainy
Amanda checks out the menu
There's a lot of really good noodle dishes
My meal: pork noodle soup with wontons
Vic got the same thing
Who?? Me and who else?
What does??
Additional fortunes!
Albert's got an eye popping thing going on here
We're at Alan's house, but he's not here! Where the hell is he??
Alicia doesn't know
Jefferson ambles up without a care in the world
We couldn't get ahold of Alan
You need to fix your glasses, Jefferson
Peter was getting pretty cold
Katie thought ahead and brought a hat
Amanda hates this game
Vic took the long way home! How did he get here before Alan?
Joy's not a fan of the situation
Trying the back door..
Vic finally got ahold of Alan and got the code to the back door. Crisis averted! And a ridiculous way to end a great weekend!
You are viewing images from 01/02/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 239 pictures.
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