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Knowing I was going to be tearing insulation out of the wall, I decided to come prepared
Yikes, this house is certainly in need of help
Dagger was excited to have us there
The uh.. stairs
Nice ceiling
It actually got much much worse than this as we pushed insulation down from upstairs, but I wouldn't take my camera out at that point
We had to work upstairs first because there was no lighting up there, so we work with the sun!
Pile of debris
"Get to work!"
You don't want to be breathing this stuff..
We think it's mostly shredded newspaper, but maybe with some fiberglass too
Dagger hard at work
Reibello joined us! It was fun to work with him outside of Minecraft
Swing that hammer!
Removing the larger pieces of debris
We had to get the sticks out before we could shovel the insulation. Otherwise it made a kind of composite polymer that was impossible to break up
Take that, slats!
Ben tears through the wall with an axe.. but with good reason!
Ripping off slats by hand
Ben looks upstairs
As you can tell by Reibello's breath here, it was pretty cold inside
The view from the foyer, which was pretty much intact
Nerds at work
Topaz had to keep the mask under his nose or his glasses fogged up
Ben continues to work on his wall
I thought this respirator would be ridiculous overkill, but I'm glad I brought it!
Deciding what to work on next..
Munchkins! Eat them before they all get coated in insulation!
The only heat source in the house, a crazy kerosene.. jet.. engine.. thing. It belched fire at random times
Topaz is ready to rock
Look at the breath!
We filled well over a dozen of those giant garbage bags
Even dagger eventually put on a mask
Ben carefully navigates the second floor
Rachie works on removing some insulation
Walking around up here was pretty scary. You had to check your footing with every step
I wouldn't advise walking near the hole
Various debris removed from upstairs
Hard at work removing the crusty old insulation
All these giant piles of it were eventually pushed down through the hole, making a giant mess
The hatchet worked really well here
Rachie continues dismantling the wall
Dagger collected the larger pieces
Rachie's glove slipped off, and her hammer along with it! Poor Dagger got a faceful of hammer, but got off pretty light
I decided the respirator wasn't enough and got some safety goggles as well
Reibello looks over the menu for a well deserved post-cleanup meal
I caught Joel off guard
Topaz got some of that Scotch Ale he loves so much. He was bummed I wasn't a fan
Closeup of the bubbles
Waiting for our food to arrive
The wide angle adapater catches Topaz's stupid face
Dagger's feeling better with some progress made on the house and a bandaid on her head
The adapter is also useful for artsy pictures like this!
You are viewing images from 01/15/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 53 pictures.
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