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After work on Friday I walked over to see the preparations for Winterfest. They're covering the highway exit in snow!
News van!
Looking up at HSBC tower. I wish I handn't missed the top corners..
Jet engine?
Pearl Street!
Looking under HSBC tower
Is it powder keg or Winterfest? Make up your mind
I've never even heard of the Bisons
Great turnout at the quiz show..
The quizmaster
Clearly this is exciting stuff
If you got a question in the quiz, you got a hot dog
HSBC tower at twilight
The next day (during the actual event) this screen was usually the DVD logo bouncing around
Live from a snowy street!
They covered the Seneca Street exit with snow so kids could sled down it
It's like the opposite of normal snow work!
This guy's just pirating satellite tv
They line the walls with hay so kids don't crash into the concrete
Who brought a camel to Buffalo in the winter??
The camel sure doesn't know
Topaz accused me of never taking "overview" pictures. This picture shows why I don't.
Turkey toss!
Ice scultors!
Let the ice chips fly!
Hey, it's a giant drop of water made out of water!
An ice snowflake seems redundant
Carving birds
I barely even noticed these guys in their camouflage
A lot more people showed up to the live music than to quic nite
I love the flying wood chips in this picture. Also, the guy looks like he's rocking out with a chainsaw
HSBC tower again!
I call Topaz's jacket the Costanza jacket
Hot food!
This old lady was eating chili next to us
I've been trying to do more street photography. Taking pictures of strangers is fun and interesting!
Meatball and meathead
Fried dough! It was Topaz's, not mine.
You can take a sleigh ride! Well, down the street and back..
Weird midget goats
It's like a tesselation of goats
Topaz said hi to the camel
Perl Mascot and Perl Maniac
What's up with this helicopter?
Hockey on the lake!
Lots of people in tents
I thought the blowing snow was cool
You are viewing images from 02/12/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 48 pictures.
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