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The Botanical Gardens!
Mom walking up to the garden
Hi Mom!
There were cool lights everywhere
Looking up in the main dome
The green light makes this plant look even more green!
If you waited for the right part of the color cycle, you could get some really alien looking plants
Mom checks out the bridge
Colors everywhere!
The water fountain was especially cool with the lights
Is that an elephant?
Crazy plant monster!
I would've loved to get a long exposure, but the mean lady selling tickets wouldn't let me take my tripod in
Spooky red plants
Do bananas really grow up like that?
Big leaves!
Cotton candy palm tree?
On to the next room
Red plants
Look at the size of this thing!
Spiky cactus
Alien cacti?
Brett says that if you live in Albuquerque, eventually you fall on a cactus, and it sucks.
I liked the christmas lights
A white lily with some white lights!
Look how still I was! Mom is apparently constantly moving
Oh no! The horrible blue plant is attacking Mom!
Flower closeup
Weren't these the creepy ones that sang the song in Alice in Wonderland
Neat veins
Is this one looking at me?
Bird statue!
White flowers
This one was big. It was sort of collapsing on itself
Mom hates this one because of the green light, but I like it
Blue fountain
Closeup of the christmas lights
Neat blue and white lights
Mom liked this wreath
All sorts of weird stuff growing here
Red tree!
Red lights!
I liked the purple light on these plants
The water system turned on right as I left
Mom with the lightup globe
Looking up in the main dome
The "flower nazi" who made me bring my tripod back to my car. Some people just love to wield power, no matter how trivial it is
Snake attack!!
You are viewing images from 02/18/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 55 pictures.
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