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Water pill?
This guy was surprised to see people watching him
These guys hardly appreciated their letters at all
Hey, run around!
There you go!
That ceiling is handy
Looking around..
Bryce loved these guys. They make funny faces
Another favorite of ours. He kept running back and forth and turning around with his head before his body
Look at the feathers!
Sweet bag you've got there
The nocturnal animals live in the blue
Some kind of mouse?
That's a weird nose
Bryce's favorite again. Marmosets I think
I call them "crazy face"
What's your problem?
Don't you have something better to do than sit around?
Who gave this guy donuts?
I thought these were cheetos, but they were carrots
Bryce swore this guy was in Princess Mononoke
This anteater walked with real attitude
Here he comes again
Bryce was our navigator
Polar bear!
Look at that tail
This is apparently peacock #31
A black swan!
Oh my
Well that was brief
The victory dance
Don't look at me
What the hell are you, anyway
Very cool feathers
Floppy neck
Red breasted geese! See? I remembered at least one name
Flamingo walking around
To swim or not to swim?
Another black swan
The white swan wouldn't come outside
More penguins!
Even more penguins! The one on the right kept almost jumping but never did
Peakcock 31's buddy, peacock 30
What're you looking at?
Monkeys love steel beams
Just hanging out
Whoa, that's an intense stare
Snow leopard!
The less flashy female peacock
A bald eagle!
Closeup on the bald eagle
Ah! He spotted me!
I hope this species' name is "grumpface"
A cheetah hanging out
This guy kept walking around
What's over there?
The red panda was sleepy
Bryce kept calling this guy an elk. It's a gazelle!
The rare squirrel
Let's hope nobody casts a glass be gone spell!
Ah, living in a pile of food and your own feces. Living the good life
Big snake
This frog looks like some kind of weird lump
Swimming turtle
Spooky snake
Bryce is so close to 1,000 PS3 trophies
This is his "I'm getting a trophy" concentration face
He did it!
Now to get 1,001..
Driving to the bus stop!
You are viewing images from 03/13/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 85 pictures.
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