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Topaz is unimpressed by the Shertaon elevator. But just you wait!
Anime Boston's fancy triangular banner
This year I got a radio the whole time, with a secret service style earpiece! It was a lot of fun to listen in on tech operations throughout the con.
Topaz is the gaff tape wizard
He even has a precarious way of storing it
Hey it's Jamie! He sure has a fancy camera
Topaz doesn't get the 3DS
Read a book, read a book!
Tech staffers hanging around
It's tough to be the radio tech
A lot of people check their phones during the downtime
It may look like we're just sitting around, but at a moment's notice, we may have to rush into action
I've seen this guy for years, and I only know him as "headset guy"
We had a lot of radios this year!
So many radios!
You need a lot of wires to run a convention
Main Events is still open to Hall C
The big fancy LED screen
Big cameras in Main Events
Topaz spent a lot of the weekend playing Nethack. A fine pursuit, but I still like to make fun fo him
Ben's having a good time
We had Interstella 5555 playing on Thursday night
Desmond looks pretty distraught for this early in the convention!
I'll forever regret not being on the forums and thus missing the awesome Anime Boston hockey jerseys
Ben checks his phone
Behold: the world's largest laptop
One of my rare "wide" shots taken with my kit lens
Yeah, this looks about right for a tech table
The flashy Apple store across the street. Was it really only last year that the iPad came out?
Time to study your schedules to be sure when you're working and what panels you want to go to
Rick! Master of panels at cons up and down the East coast
The escalator affords one a good opportunity to look around
Jamie may be a scoundrel, but I do like his fancy camera
Gathering for the all hands meeting
Checking the microphones
Looks like they're working!
I like how the orange shirts tend to clump on one side
Andrea, our con chair!
Mike Lee, Tech's fearless leader
Victor of guest relations
I like this picture of Jefferson
Dave lines up a staff picture
Matt tries to get the cart out of the ditch on his 3DS
Everyone back to Level 2!
Marian did an amazing job as Tech Chief of Staff, especially considering that she just had a kid!
"Nabil, those gloves make it look like you're ready to garrot someone." "Everyone keeps saying that! My hands are just cold!"
Nabil explains the mixer board. I never got any training!
So many switches and dials!
A junior tech tries out the board
Crank that gain!
Ah yes. The convention must have started
Dunkin' Donuts was a madhouse as usual
Blue Haired Girl had some trouble running her radio wire up her back
She has a cool film camera!
"Video Land", where the screens of Main Events are controlled
Setting up the music themed stage
Arcade machines in Hall C!
Whoa, a 3DO! But why isn't it playing terrible Legend of Zelda games?
DDR! I remember when Anime Boston only had Red Octane dance pads
Business creeper?
Yeah.. 2011...
Panels where cosplayers answer questions as their characters are the worst
Spiffy Spartan costume!
Oh no! Don't shoot me!
Awesome Companion Cube costume
I'm not sure what this is, but I think it's based on Twilight Princess
This is a pretty half assed Last Airbender cosplay, but I can dig it
Rock, paper, scissors!
Tiny toy chickens are scary
The control center in the middle of Main Events
Moving pianos is hard!
Scary creeper!
Heyyy, this isn't a Gundam!
So many dice!
I'm always tempted by dice, but I have so little use for them
A Kallen cosplayer from Code Geass
Gurren Lagann!
Winry and Hawkeye!
Zorro sure does have a lot of swords
Oogie Boogie!
Sim person!
Oh man, I'm so close to the intelligence!
Captain N! And he's even got a power glove!
I found this Robin's white eyes very impressive
Captain Jack Sparrow, but I don't think it's that one guy who shows up every year
Dead Mau cosplayer?
Default Minecraft Guy!
Could that be Matt the Mat?
It is!
Matt has the world's largest camera
It makes fake-o Polaroids!
To infinity, and well, you know
Does this Digimon costume count as a furry? Who knows
Oh no! Missingno! Make sure your sixth item isn't a bike!
This little cat thing moved its head in a very hypnotic fashion
Us tech staffers couldn't figure out what was the deal with the Hetalia cosplayers in the courtyard
Pineapple and radio?
That's a big katamari
Pikachu was called as a witness in Cosplay Court
The "bailiffs"
I call this guy "Duct Tape Sauron"
Usually this guy is "the internet" but now he's "not the internet' for some reason.
"Mansty". Yikes.
Carrying Mansty away at gunpoint
The prince! Apparently the prince of the Celtics
Sailor Moon!
Steve! Just a normal attendee this year
The Desmometer is pretty low.. for now
The wall of fame and shame! Good or bad radio behavior would get you on either board. I didn't make either side!
Colorful drums!
Waiting to seat people for the Girugamesh concert
Waiting for the attendees
Now here is a motley crew
Commander was on staff too this year!
She brought us to a pretty spiffy grill called Spike's
Topaz loves burgers and hotdogs
Hey Commander!
Commander's boyfriend, who brought me a sweet Mass Effect hat in exchange for a soda.. but I forgot to buy him one!
I'm not sure that's entirely accurate
Commander and her buddies, and Jefferson
Spike's was an excellent way to end Friday night
This guy's panel was pretty interesting. He was knowledgable enough to answer the industry questions that the industry won't actually answer
This guy took my picture, so I took his
Aisha Clanclan!
Sheik and Saria from Ocarina of Time!
Miku was singing in the hall
You need to be pretty loud to keep the people in the game room under control
Gathering around the TV
Dance Central is fun!
Move is fun too, I guess
It's that crazy music arcade game!
Batman cosplayers!
I had some awesome art commissioned on the back on my ereader!
She did a great job, didn't she!
I felt bad that I couldn't tell if this was Princess Peach or Fat Princess
Wow, Slowpoke. That's harsh
Martial Arts man JP kicks his non-martial arts guy ass!
"Oh god!"
This looks pretty painful
Everyone was ok!
The Masquerade trophies!
Running the Masquerade from Video Land
I found myself standing next to this terrifying thing, desperately hoping to not disturb it and/or die
The view from the Masquerade side stage
Taking pictures of cosplayers? I can relate
I'm pretty sure this is Lindsay, the Masquerade Coordinator. In any case, this picture of her taking the stage is pretty awesome
She's got Uncle Yo in her sights!
The Masquerade judges watch on
Uncle Yo has been defeated.. for now!
Mr. Dick Tripwire!
This guy won an award for his excellent performance at Hentai Dubbing!
Topaz and I thought this guy looked like Shawn when he was on stage, but.. he doesn't
Anime Dance!
Cue the Strongbad techno music!
The Demomometer is getting pretty high! Also, note the hilarious radio dialogue on the left
Cosplay Chess? We must be on Sunday!
An American cosplayer! By which I mean they're cosplaying as America! But they're probably American as well
The Green Building at MIT. No, it isn't green.
Some of the remaining attendees check out Boylston Street
Pikachu and pals walking along
Good thing the Hynes has free wifi!
I don't know what the hell this is, but I like it
Moogle crochet!
This guy's satellite dish hat spun around!
Got to keep an eye on the clock so you can be sure the panelists don't run over
Impressive Chell cosplay, especially considering Portal 2 came out less than a week before!
Minecraft guy again!
Teardown time already
Microphones ready for packing
Lonely box is ready to go
Sean guides our teardown team
Floating a "surface" down to the ground for packing
A projector lens
Carrying various equipment through the staff hallways
Desmond confronts the big board
It's tough to keep track of what's going on in every room
"I'll just put this radio over here.."
Spiffy glasses
They took my radio away!
And the secret service earpiece!
So many monitors
The Hynes has some pretty big elevators
Pushing boxes around
Boxes full of stuff!
So many beanbags!
Where do you think you're going?
The empty halls are pretty depressing
Heading back to the hotel?
Carry those pipes!
Getting the speakers ready for packing
Topaz helps out with the speaker
Desmond finds some of his personal equipment
Careful of the sprinklers!
It looks like security got roped in to packing up the trucks this year
Maybe I'm doing them a disservice, but I don't recall them packing up in previous years. It goes faster with everyone helping!
The desolate Dealer's Room
Sean gathers all his equipment
A huge line of equipment ready to be rolled into the elevator
Staff fight!
Shaking hands before the duel
Anime Bryce is ready
Connor readies his spear, which I can only assume was confiscated from an attendee
Bryce is ready with his paddle
Later, Bryce snuck up behind Desmond and whacked him in the ass with the paddle, and Desmond chased him at light speed
And skinned both knees in the process. Got to give him credit, he just kept running after this!
Bryce runs to safety
While Desmond limps off his skinned knees
Paddles are fun
I asked Bryce to make a menacing pose
No hard feelings between Bryce and Desmond
I really like this picture of Mike Lee, the head of Tech, because I think it does a good job of showing authority, as well as the exhaustion of the weekend catching up with him
James listens to Mike's speech
So does that guy with blue hair whose name I never learned
Mohawk guy thought it was funny
Group hug around Bryce. Just revenge after all the chaos he called with that paddle
Hey man, you're at the wrong con!
Topaz plays some more Nethack
Steamboy let me take a picture of him. This is his tough guy face
This guy seems confused
Topaz listened to Steamboy's idea about a perpetual motion machine where you connect a steam turbine to a heater that makes the steam
On the bus to the Dead Dog!
Blue Hair Girl took my picture in the dark. I like it! Creepy!
Topaz lines up a shot
I forget this guy's name, but he's another techie who wears a vest, so I feel like we're on the same team
Jason, my roommate for the last couple of years
The Dead Dog was at the same place as last year, but everyone liked it
Jefferson hung out with us
I'm pretty sure that isn't a valid URL..
"Toei Hug"? Is that why we have our party here?
You are viewing images from 04/24/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 245 pictures.
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