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We decided to check out Wagamama after hearing so much about it over the weekend
Looking over the menu
We tried to split a ramen. It didn't go very well
Topaz got a big kick out of the musical installations at Kendall station
As expected, there was weird stuff afoot at MIT
There were a lot of things happening for the 150th anniversary
The old dinosaur outside the Museum of Science!
Topaz really liked the math room
Crazy bubble shapes!
A cubical bubble!
Sand tracing out patterns
Electricity tube!
The giant Van de Graff generator!
Unfortunately, we missed the lightning show, but they're still impressive to look at
Various electric exhibits
I have the powerrr
Jacob's Ladder
Giant plasma ball
Packbot! Made by iRobot, a company I've invested in!
I love the tornado machine!
They had a simulated Mars rover that you could direct via a computer
Then you can watch it drive around
Another iRobot product, the Roomba, rigged up for science!
You issued a series of instructions via little puzzle pieces
Topaz programs the robot
Star Wars isn't science!
I love the LM display
The DSKY display isn't entirely accurate, but this is pretty great
Well this is just about the creepiest thing ever
Wave pool!
A giant model of Mount Everest
A closeup on the rings of the giant tree
It was born around the same time as Julius Caeser
The new dinosaur, which stands in a more accurate way than the one they moved outside
This Mercury mockup made the capsule look a lot roomier than it really was
This button poll is still going!
Topaz doing science
This is how science happens
That crazy holographic spring!
This mirror really magnified me
Another angle of the Skylab model
Mel hated this room when we went a few years ago
Laser foosball!
Rotate the mirrors and redirect the laser!
This looks like a laser guitar
Giant DNA model
Haha, cats is dumb
How much English have you?
What units??
Cloudy Boston
Did James Cameron get sent back in time?
Move your arms like a bird!
It's that crazy raccoon that Mel posed with!
That is one huge geode
What a crazy rock
You are viewing images from 04/25/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 59 pictures.
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