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Pack the trunk!
This is Kate's "I saw the camera pointing at me" face
Camping is exciting!
Chris and Topaz look over the map to the camping site
The Teo Bus!
Ben and Suz skip off to the Teo Bus
Dani is cold
Oops, busted
Dani takes some pictures
Huddling against the hold
Driving to the camp site
We came well prepared
Well prepared indeed
Joel gets the fire going
Suz gets some cheese and crackers ready so we can eat while we wait for dinner.
Dani cuts some bread or something
Chris moves the D&D map
Teo brought a bunch of hamburgers
Stoking the fire
Teo labels the aluminum foil packets
Don't mix them up!
Each person got a packet full of meat and vegetables
Packets on the fire!
Camera duel!
Joel at the dinner table
Ben was a fan of the Teo packets
Signing to Dani
Jokes are funny
It's tough to catch Chris looking at ease since he panics when he sees a camera
Dani works on a D&D campaign
Planning is hard
Ben suggested we try some light painting, which I immediately jumped on
An early test with the LED flashlight on my phone
Ben did a great job drawing a rocket
Shape explosion!
Rainbow road!
Ben writes a message for his mom
Holding swords!
Light explosion!
Some sort of card game?
Suz had a sweet xkcd hoodie
You can't see this sign but it says "NO BOYS ALLOWED"
Bacon in the morning!
Gathering around the breakfast table
Joel mans the bacon station
We also had french toast
Dani reviews the map
Planning the day's activities
I hung the camera down under the bed to take this blind picture of Kate
Dani wandering around outside
Dani and Ben
Heading to the Teo Bus!
Fancy house across the lake
So many destinations!
Teo Bus!
I thought this picture of "stone tower" would make a good wallpaper
Grafiiti'd, of course
Care to go upstairs?
Topaz is loving this
Chris skulks away from the camera.. or so he thinks
Joel mans a corner
Hugging is nice
Suz captures some moments on her camera
Topaz takes the crazy corner
Looking at distant cabins with my telephoto lens
Topaz runs off into the woods to be one with nature
Picture time!
Kate looking around
Hanging out in the stone tower
Teo's got the shifty eyes
Lots of people out to enjoy the nature
Sporting my SR2 hat
Teo Bussss
Oh yeah, this looks safe
Suz spots the camera
Wandering around in the woods
Ben gets in touch with his Na'vi side
Pictures of nature!
Topaz stands on a lens flare
Joel on a rock
Ben carefully edges along one of the rocks at Thunder Rocks
Yaaay rocks!
Some of the rocks were pretty tall
Ben standing around
I narrowly missed a Chris action shot
Topaz used the tree to his advantage to climb up
Joel found a natural chair
This rock looks like a pile of pancakes or something
How did Ben get up there?
Better question.. how is he going to get down?
Very carefully, that's how
Cool water reflections on the rock
I got his Chris action shot! Actually I missed it and had him jump again
We found this outline on a rock, so decided to just go with it and murder Teo
The site of Teo's body
Ben riding a giant stone dolphin
Dolphins are fun
Dani thinks all these people are silly
Time to get the fire going again.. our favorite part!
Suz took these next few pictures
Me up on my perch between the bunk beds
The only reasonable way to handle two nearly empty bottles of beer
Kate was roped into playing D&D with the rest of these clowns
This is what Topaz looks like about 70% of the time. Close your mouth!
Going through the intricacies of setting up a D&D character
Chris reviews one of hte rule books
Suz also helped Kate with her character
Joel comes through with the crazy sandwich cooking apparatus
Teo's got a worringly mischievious grin
My turn to make sandwiches
The D&D session in progress
I'm pretty sure the wings on this guy were made out of a security envelope
Fire lady
The sandwiches came out great!
Kate's fancy D&D character name
Teo's.. simpler name
Suz's name
Joel's name
Ben's name has weird glottal stops and stuff in it
It's rare to get Chris to not dodge the camera
Apparently being the dungeon master involves a lot of flailing wildly
Actually I think being Topaz insolves a lot of flailing wildly
Got to come prepared with various dice
Teo is holding turkey here, but Ben thought it was a sock. That raises some questions about what kind of sandwiches Ben has been eating
The tragically ignored fruit salad
Kate's not sure waht to think about this D&D nonsense
She seems a little alarmed by Topaz's gesticulations
Super geeky, but fun
Our intrepid adventurers
That is a giant D20
The D&D table as seen from my perch
Lots of paper, dice, figures, maps, soda.. typical
Ben was shocked to discover me taking his picture
This looks like a good hallway to roll a giant rock down
Chris is too tired to hold his own head up
Topaz likes to wear this shirt while DMing
Silly Dani
Signing to Dani about what the hell is going on
I realized I never took any pictures of the area around our cabin.. so here's one
I accidentally took this picture, but I liked it
OK, this is blatently out of focus, my bad, but it's still pretty great. Unfortunately, Chris had already gone home.
Everyone go crazy! For some reason we all screamed too
Olympia diner was pretty awesome
Heyyy, that's not a skylight!
Me in the mirror!
You are viewing images from 05/01/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 158 pictures.
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