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James is excited to drive out to KSC
Some "real Florida" outside of touristy Orlando
Kenney Space Center! Let's go!
Cool sign
It's actually just a big model of a shuttle, but it's still cool!
Just six more miles!
Ahh! It's the Vehicle Assembly Building! That's where they put the rockets together!
We're here! The Kennedy Space Center!
The Rocket Garden! Unfortunately, I never got a chance to go look again, so this is the only picture I have!
We immediately jumped on the bus tour
Oh man, only one day left!
As we pulled around the corner and I saw the VAB down the road, a chill went down my spine
It's the VAB!! The American flag is 22 stories tall!
I believe this is the equipment they use to move the external tank around
The Saturn Causeway! This is the road the Saturn V and Space Shuttle travel down to the launch pad!
It's the space shuttle!! Endeavour! An actual shuttle on the pad!
The crawler! They've been using this platform since the 60s!
Each tread link weighs a couple thousand pounds!
SPACE dots??
One of the other launch pads
Another launch pad. I'm probably mistaken, but I think a Falcon 9 launched from here!
An Air Force launch facility
One more launch pad!
And of course, the big one, Launch Complex 39-B with Space Shuttle Endeavour primed for her final voyage
It was surreal to finally see it
Space Shuttle Endeavour, mostly concealed by the rotating service structure (RSS)
Launch complex 39-A, the alternate shuttle launch site, now being reworked for a new generation of launch vehicles
A wider shot of 39-B
Wider still
There was some serious photographic hardware at the viewing platform
The shuttle and me! I'm finally here!
The crawler with the VAB and some unidentified vertical structure
Those doors are tall enough to allow a Saturn V to pass under. Over 300 feet tall!
Giant crawler treads
This guy had a ridiculously huge lens
Looking down at a space shuttle main engine they had on display
James checks his phone with Endeavour in the background
The guts of the space shuttle main engine. It's incredible that something complex can work so reliably
The SSME in all its glory
This is about the closest I will ever get to the space shuttle (before they're in museums)
Pegasus, the barge they use to deliver the space shuttle external tanks
The countdown clock! This was the best angle I could get from the bus though
I like the artwork on the water tower!
The Orbiter Processing Facility! This is really the closest I'll get to a shuttle, but it's inside so it doesn't count!
Next up, the Saturn V center!
Hell yeah, we do!
I was told that these were the actual consoles mission control used during the Apollo era but I don't believe them since they've all been modified
They reenacted the Apollo 11 landing
The status board!
I'm not sure why they felt the need to add all these fake video screens..
The business end of a Saturn V. The most powerful rocket ever built
Looking down the immense Saturn V rocket
Five F-1 engines. Unimaginable power
Me standing under the end of the Saturn V rocket
Each F-1 engine bell is larger than an entire Mercury capsule
James contemplates large rockets
You can see the cooling rings wrapped around the exterior
So many little pieces
J-2 engines! The power behind the Saturn V's second stage
The back of the second stage of the Saturn V
The rocket is still ridiculously huge even if you don't count the first stage
The actual command module from Apollo 14
I believe this flight plan is from Apollo 17
Apollo flight plans
Actual flight plans from Apollo
The door to Kittyhawk, the Apollo 14 command module
Last time I was here I managed to touch the heat shield on this vehicle by jamming my fingers through the plastic shielding.. not this tmie
A moon rock!
Various Apollo hardware
Alan Shepard's actual lunar EVA suit
The third stage of the Saturn V, using a single J-2 engine
Gene Cernan's lunar EVA suit
The suit of the last man to walk on the moon
The last boots to walk on the moon.. for now
This is an actual Lunar Module, LM-9. It was never flown since it was replaced by the more robust modules for the J missions
Inside a lunar module
James near the front of the Saturn V
The command module of the Saturn V
Looking down from the front of the Saturn V
Outside the Saturn V center, we could see the shuttle launch pad. You can't reall see it here due to all the launchpad structure in the way, but look carefully and you can see the orange external tank through the launchpad
The VAB from another angle
A bald eagle nest! It's been there for almost 40 years, weighs 700 pounds, and is big enough to lie down on!
Palm trees!
Recreating a shot I took seven years ago
James kept taking pictures as I walked back to reclaim my camera
Me in front of Explorer! A one to one scale model of the space shuttle orbiter
The external tank and solid rocket boosters are simply massive
The rear of Exporer
Explorer! Not really a shuttle, but it's still amazing to walk around
The shuttle launch facility was amazing! I liked it even more than Mission: SPACE!
The underbelly of Explorer, with a replica of the thermal protection system
Inside a weird little "current mission" building
Details on the upcoming mission!
A plaque at the Space Mirror
A sobering reminder of the cost of human spacefilgh
The T-38, a jet astronauts use to practice shuttle landings
Me with a few of my fake astronaut buddies
James poses with his hand and.. NASA itself..
A mockup of the Orion capsule
Ten bucks says Orion never flies
A space tree! The seed that this tree came from was flown to the moon and back on Apollo 14!
You are viewing images from 05/15/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 104 pictures.
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