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They had a big tram to pick us up from the parking lot
James loves pictures
Animal Kingdom! Be careful not to cover the "I" and "M" in your family photo
That big tree! It's actually made out of an oil rig
You can hide from raptors on top of this
Creepy skeleturtle
Time machine?
Fancy wig
Fake mountain!
James will be mad that I can't remember the name of this ride
Hey cool, prayer flags
Lots of little kids wandering around
It was an impressive fake mountain and looked tallker than its 190 feet
Nice path
These bats are HUGE!
Cats are always sleeping
Cow? Or.. something
Deer? Or.. something
Lots of prayer flags
They had them all strung up over the path
This was the best shot I got of.. whatever primate this is. I was hoping he'd climb aroudn more but it was hot
Moments after I put the camera down, the owl completely freaked out
It's safari time!
Our guide was great. Very funny and knowledgable
Some animals we might see
Here we go!
White bird!
Hippos under water
"They look like baked potatoes"
He's watching me
This vulture was just hanging out like this
Alligators lounging around
Savannah animals
Too lazy to stand and eat?
Little fast looking animals
Maybe a gazelle? Who knows
Some termite mounds
Big horns
The giraffes were really cool
I like this closeup of him eating
Love the pattern
This Sigma lens really came in handy on the safari
These elephants were goofing off in the water
Baby elephant drying off
Trunk fight!
Flamingos hanging out
I hear they're pink from the shrimp they eat.. or something
This is what our truck looked like
More rhinos
The lion was also sleepy
Female ostriches
I don't like the way the ostriches hold their head
That's better
The guide says this guy can go his whole life without drinking water. He gets it out of his food
When Steve saw this picture he said "you should've stuck a french fry in his mouth"
Back on the tram
Looking back at the lady on the PA
Epcot! It's the big golfball, aka Spaceship Earth
Disney is funny because even mundane things have whimsical labels like this
James ruins another perfectly good picture
Showing off his Disney employee ID
Monorail black!
Monorail teal? If I get that wrong I'll be hearing from James..
Buzz Lightyear!
Planty Woody
Can you find the pentagon?
Monorail gold passes behind the Woody topiary
Toy ball
I love the patterns
Me standing underneat Spaceship Earth
Dynamic angle!
Time to get on Spaceship Earth
Closeup of the triangles
Weird robots
They were sort of creepy
Working on dials..
The moon landing!
This guy was really creepy
James thought this lady was funny
Steve Wozniak!
A crazy picture of the LED room
Mission: SPACE, the ride I was most looking forward to
Nice helmet
Of course, I had to try one on too
Inside the line for MIssion: SPACE
They had a big 2001-esque wheel
This was apparently the employee break room because they were hanging out on the other side of this panel
Pre-flight briefing
Are you ready to go to Mars?
The view from on the ride. The G-forces were intense!
On to Test Track
Creepy crash test dummy parts were everywhere
This couple looked like they were having the time of their lives
The rear of the ride vehicle
These weird shapes were supposed to allow us to speak quietly but still hear each other. Didn't really work..
Free Segway rides? Hell yeah!
I'm on a Segway! It's harder than it looks
James tried one too
What's your problem?
Apparently you can pay to SCUBA dive with the fish
The Tron monorail
Sunset over the monorail
Looking back on Spaceship Earth
Sweet flowers
The Japanese pavilion. I never ended up going since it was far away and we didn't have much time before the fireworks
James checks out the sunset
Monorail with Spaceship Earth
This lady was trying to feed the squirrel
Is it firework time yet?
Looking out where the fireworks will be
Big fires lit up the area
The firework show begins!
The giant lightup earth
Lasers and fireworks!
Bright lights!
Firing rockets towards the center
Even without the inferno barge, the show was spectacular!
Colorful fountains
Spaceship Earth looks great at night
Closeup of the colors and patterns
One last look at Disney!
I noticed this place in the airport on the way back, too bad it wasn't open!
And of course, the Kennedy Space Center gift shop! Great trip!
You are viewing images from 05/21/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 134 pictures.
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