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Phil's got some cool shades on
Megan apparently isn't a fan of Phil's shades?
Steve's Grandma
Steve's Dad
Steve's Mom! We've got Steve's entire family here in these few pictures
Phil on the railing
I don't remember this guy's name
Steve caught me taking his picture
The infamous red cup
Steve and Megan
Steve's ready for some Kan Jam
Kan Jam
Steve was having a good time
Steve's Dad almost got his head taken off by a frisbee. Phil thought it was pretty funny
I brought bubbles. Everyone thought it was silly at first, but in the end it was awesome
Phil spins the frisbee around
Someone brought this really cool dog
Judging by its ears, its mother was a bat
Smiley Shawn
Frisbee coming at the camera!
Football Shawn!
We kept trying to get the football in focus in midair. This is pretty close!
Drinking and throwing
What's with Shawn's finger?
I'm not sure what this face is all about
The photo of the evening
Dustin's got an awesome t-shirt
Hanging out on Steve's sweet porch
Phil and Dustin
What's this pose all about?
Mmm, strawberries
Dustin's got a beer
Shawn listening to a story
When we went out for beer, I printed this picture that I had taken earlier. Steve put it on his window
I also bought Shawn a toy car that looked sort of like his car
So much meat!
Manning the grill
This baby was giving me the stinkeye.. as babies are wont to do
Steve's Dad explains a story to Shawn in front of the wall of booze
Alcohol infused whipped cream!!
Considerably intoxicated Kan Jam!
Catch it, Steve!
Foof chair time!
These pictures will come back to haunt Steve some day
Who's that girl who appeared on the foof chair?
Fire Phil?
You are viewing images from 05/29/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 54 pictures.
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