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Kate's brother Eric is enjoying the disco light on the ceiling of our new party space
Topaz and Kate's landlord let us hang out above his garage, which is a huge space full of couches
"You see the thing about bowl chairs is.."
Probably showing off Nethack or something..
We were really stalling for time and making sure he didn't try to get in the house while the secret cake was being perpared
Here comes the cake!
The premise of the party was that it was for Luke's 21st birthday party..
But the birthday was a lie! It's really bachelor party time!
Get in the car!
The awesome portal themed cakes
Figuring out car logistics
Ben was really excited
"Hey, where are we going?"
"Shut up! Put this over your head!" ":("
"Where are we??"
"Lasertron! Awesome!"
Eric and Bradley wait to sign up for laser tag
Tony made the trip for the party!
This guy
Joel registers as a laser warrior
Brian sets up his laser account
I like this expression
They take our picture!
Chris' turn
Pictures taken while people are talking are always so flattering
Luke thinks things are funny
Ben gets his picture taken
I horned in on Tony's picture
Tony's ready to kick some ass
Topaz puts his dork-pack back on. No laser tag pictures because I had to carry a gun!
The sign outside the building
The next morning, there was breakfast!
Reibello was more excited about breakfast than this picture implies
Dani takes some pictures
Camera duel!
Suz helped make breakfast
Ben's got those funny five fingers shoes
Kate on the beanbag
This is a pretty awful picture, really
We used a lot of eggs
French Toast being frenchified
Teo Dance!
One of the landlord's dogs that was running around all weekend
Luke finally met Neil and Buzz
Buzz didn't like him
Neil is perplexed by Luke's efforts to balance a cork on his head
Buzz didn't like the cork either
Every time we got close, Neil would tilt his head forward and it would fall off
LAN party time
Teo gets his laptop set up
Brian claims his couch
Luke playing some League of Legends
Reibello was new to the game but enjoyed it
Tony is deep in concentration.. I think he's actually playing X-COM here
Brian in LoL
Hey Dani!
That's the same headset I have!
Topaz working to kill some dudes
Jamie was there too
Kate was sleepy
Tony holds a strange new food.. taco rings
It's sort of like a taco calzone, really
Taco riiing
Jamie's got a crazy stare going here
The other dog
Suz's turn on the beanbag
We noticed that Luke and Tony were sitting uncomfortably close to each other, so Luke made it even more awkward for a picture
Ack! Who took my picture?
Teo jumped in to make it even more awkward
I went to take Luke's picture when he did this.. so I waited about 8 awkward seconds for him to stop and then just took the picture anyway
Tony's ready to show us what all his swordfighting training has gotten him
Ready to kick some ass
Ben warms up
The fight is on!
Tony handled him easily
In response, Ben upgraded his weaponry from foam bat to.. snow shovel!
You can't see it here, but Tony is also fighting luke at the same time
That snow shovel is a real threat
Taking on Luke
Stay classy, Luke
The rarely seen Zoidberg stance
It was so funny it helped to take some of the edge off of Tony's moves
Taking a break from fighting?
I take on Luke
I got jabbed real good right here
"Who's next?"
Tony caught me taking his picture
Teo vs Luke for the next round
Luke moves in for a decisive kill
Brother vs brother?
That's right, it's time to find out the top Wastl
Topaz seems to be saying "We're really doing this?"
"Hookay.. *thwack*"
Action shot!
Sword instructor Tony strikes an awkward pose as he watches
Now here's a picture to send home to Mom
Finish him!
Tony shows off his real butterfly knife. I was too terrified to try swinging it around
I like Tony's dance in the background here
Teo and Topaz try some one handed fighting
I take on Tony! He's like a wall!
Oh nooo! White dog is freaking out!
Well this picture certainly is.. special
Brian crashed for a while on the second night
That's a big game of League of Legends
Fight, Teo!
Tony, what do you think about all this?
He thinks he's playing X-COM, that's what
I finally got around to taking a wide angle shot of the awesome space we were using all weekend
After more than two days awake, Luke finally crashed.. right on the floor
They had an original xbox!
At the end of the weekend, we poured all abandoned drinks into this tub.. mystery liquid!
Reibello plays with the dog
Joel saying his goodbyes before the Rochester crew headed out
Tony thinks he's being sneaky
You are viewing images from 06/19/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 122 pictures.
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