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Alan cruises his phone as we wait for our food at Michael's
For a second, I thought Amanda was wearing a bowtie
Albert's got a snazzy cover for his G2
Oh boy. Colin brought some Four Loko. This is old school Four Loko, bought before it was pulled from the shelves
What have you done, Colin?
Amanda considers her next move on.. whatever game they're playing
Vic's having fun
Alan grumpily eyes the Wii from the corner with his tablet
Every time I meet up with Albert, I get a picture of him making a weird face. Here's the one for this batch
Bryce does a little backseat gaming with Vic
Gathered around to play some games
Erika seems incredulous about something. Probably how bad Bryce is at games.
The infamous Four Loko
Bryce considers his next move
Mmm, morning coffee
Everyone loves morning coffee
Jefferson's got the wrong convention's shirt on!
Brakus is here!
Erika's going to regret that face
Katie grabs a ballot
Peter too
This year, Vic even wrote a coverletter
Omar arrives!
Hey Albert!
Omar thinks things are funny
These two guys are new. I call the one on the right Jimmy Neutron
Hey, Jimmy Neutron
Erika somehow got the job of carrying the mountain of pizza to the table
Brakus plays with the baby that someone brought
"Ooo, baby you so funny!"
Erika, Katie, and Peter
Peter plays with a synthesizer on my iPad
Voting on a video. Probably 1's all around.
The videos just never end!
This is how Bryce feels about these videos
Mmm, pizza
Vic is excited for the post-prescreening dinner
It's still sort of strange to see Bryce in glasses
Jefferson! Your glasses are crooked!
Hey Brakus
Kumar was bummed to discover he didn't get free dinner. Hey man, you want the dinner, you've got to sit through all eight hours of AMVs!
The uncool table (i.e., not our table)
Alan brought his Tab with him
Is Jeff nursing an AMV-related headache?
You are viewing images from 07/02/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 44 pictures.
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