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IT guy! I forget his name
Tom Embt!
The controls to the Miss Buffalo
USS Littlerock
Ben's got a drink
Chilling on the lower deck
The first picture I took with an L lens! It turns out Tom has some series photographic hardware and let me play with it
The Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM
Tom takes a shot with his 70-200mm
Lens hood!
Eric and.. Eric!
That's a lot of birds
Mike considers his meal
This closeup of Topaz is sort of weird, but I like it
A super closeup of Adam with Tom's 100mm L lens
Macro mode on my meal
A nice shot of Veena taken with Tom's 70-200mm f/4L
Veena with the bridge
Water around around the bridge support
I forget this guy's name
I don't know this guy's name either
John points out the Coast Guard ship
There it is!
Big sphere?
The Peace Bridge
This guy seems really intense
Driving the Miss Buffalo under the very low bridge
You can't really tell here, but we had no more than 18 inches of clearance
Eric looks off the front of the ship
Bird landing
Tom tries out a wider lens
Fisherman dude!
Get any bites?
Bike people
I've never gone through a lock before!
At this point we were close enough that bike girl noticed me
Coming up to the lock
Another guy fishing
I'm a big fan of the feather detail
This guy worked on the lock
Birds on some tower
I should probably learn more of my coworkers' names..
Tom with his 50d
I love those petal lens hoods
Fellow foosball champ Mike! Spiffy glasses
A creepy closeup of Darin's eyeball. I realized later that I actually focused on my own reflection
What's with that face, Eric?
A thumbs up from John
More people fishing!
Darin with a big movable bridge behind him
The movable bridge
Topaz hanging with some other Synacorians
Veena wanted me to take some pictures of some water dripping out of a cup
Adam's moving on from Synacor next week. Good luck with your freelancing!
Ben kept asking if I was drunk yet..
Tom and Jen Embt!
Veena caught me taking her picture
Kids checking out our boat
Lots of trucks waiting to get into the country
Taking a walk by the water
I love this picture. "Do work", "Danger: Keep Off" and "Buffalo's Finest" all apply. I call it "Buffalo's Finest"
Tim and Adam checking out the scenary
The Peace Bridge
What the hell is this guy trucking?
Veena telling a story to John
Mike hanging out at the HR girls' table. Sarah tried hiding
When people hide from my camera, it just makes me try harder, haha
Lots of sailbots
I think this is Melissa.. goddamn, I need to learn some names
Sarah made a face and apparently thought I wouldn't put it online.. surprise!
Veena forgot today was the boat day and didn't bring her nifty Nikon. iPhone pics it is!
Taking a picture of the USS Littlerock
Veena had fun
The grain elevator I drive by every day
The Spirit of Buffalo!
Hey, how do I get on that boat?
You are viewing images from 07/11/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 87 pictures.
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