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Amanda is clearly geared up for Otakon
"Oh yeah. Let's do this."
Cosplayers in the street! Must be that time again
A Demoman!
And a female Soldier!
Oh yeah. I've clearly come to the right place
Peter had a whole bunch of people taking his picture as he performed
Wow. Definitely an anime convention.
Ha! Dr. Gero even has his brain visible!
This guy had Steve Wozniak's business card!
This is Alan's happy face
It's Scratch from My Little Pony!
Sailor Moon only drinks Pepsi
EVA Unit 01 wants to know where the Info Desk is
Is this a combo Domo-kun and Demoman? A.. Demo-kun?
Not sure what these guys are.. maybe from Zelda?
I don't know what this is, but it sure has a lot of frills
Some cosplayers from The Last Airbender!
Ahh, this one is definitely from Zelda
Haunter! My favorite pokemon! When I told him that he hugged me
Nyan cat was a popular meme this year
It just wouldn't be the Otakon game room without DDR
The Great Saiyaman!
This guy doesn't seem to thrilled to be a Rubik's Cube
Stocking from Panty and Stocking
Ahhh.. yeah.. hm. This is another one of those "must be a con" photos
Quite a line for Marvel vs Capcom 2
Falling Thwomp!
Yajirobe! I wonder if this guy ate chips all day or just carried the same chip around
Cosplay fighting!
I should probably get out of here before someone notices the guy in the staff shirt watching cosplay fighting..
A Valkyria Chronicles soldier!
Peter's costume (and real sax playing) was very popular
Look at him go!
Checking the schedule
Some Final Fantasy VII cosplayers
Some Gurren Lagann guys and.. someone else
Strike a pose!
The balcony is a popular location
Scary creeper
This guy was pumping out some pretty awesome chiptune music
I wasn't the only one taking pictures
Hey, it's one of those bunnygirls from Final Fantasy XII
Chell vs a headcrab!
Very impressive Chell
Mr. Lee! Tech man extraordinaire
These back hallways really come in handy when you don't have time to wade through attendees
Omar is Vice Con Chair this year! He was crazy busy
Planning how the census is going to work
Jeff dares you to ask him to print more signs
Paper jam?? We don't have time for this!
Planning stuff out
Squid Girl!
Another Chell. She was a popular character this year!
One of those Vocaloid characters
This Demoman even has some accessories!
Poor gofers. They get the worst jobs
It's one of those guys from that thing
Kallen and Lelouch from Code Geass!
The Ghost of Sparta
One of those Ouron Host Club guys
Haru Haruko!
Master.. Chef?
Oh no! Pedobear claims another victim!
One of the seven deadly exes from Scott Pilgrim
Princess Tutu!
I ran into that Dr. Gero and Goku again
Registration folks working hard!
These guys put in some long hours
A Desmond!
Jefferson's got a press badge this year!
Peter's crazy Vampire costume
And Katie's pregnant! With a clever costume to go with it. "All we know is whatever pokemon comes out won't be a normal type"
Whoa, metal.. dog thing?
I feel like I see this guy every year!
Even hardcore anime nerds need some downtime
We've seen squid girl.. but now there's fish girl?
Vic bought Amanda a corsette. Vic approves
This is one of the best Vegeta cosplayers I've seen in a long time!
Yup, just a middle aged man with a Card Captor Sakura wand walking down the street.. nothing to see here
Bryce is here! Sporting his spiffy Whiskey Media shirt
I have no idea what these guys are from, but they have neat costumes
OK, I'm not one to dump on costumes.. but this is the worst companion cube I've ever seen
One of my favorite things about cosplayers is seeing characters doing normal things. Here's Assassin's Creed's Altair checking Twitter or something
The future of fighting games?
It's gaming time!
I'm pretty sure that's not allowed in the conventino center..
Bryce steps up to challenge this guy.. and got his ass handed to him
Go Bryce go!
Some kind of Tetris Attack clone
This guy has the biggest adams apple I've ever seen in my life!
Various superheros.. and villains!
What's wrong, Bryce? You don't like Al?
Hey, I found a Haibane cosplayer! Reki!
An excellent Nausicaa!
All the normal sized staff shirts were lost, so people who didn't already have one had to use 5XL and up. Poor Nabil!
A very impressive Tali from Mass Effect!
Green Ranger!
I thought it was funny that after I took this picture this guy asked if I knew where to buy red body paint
Joy backstage
This guy was helping us seat people and hand out ballots
The quiet before the storm
And here's the storm waiting outside..
This guy had an actual hard drive embedded in his costume
Keep the levels below +2!
Vic gets out some pencils.. black gold.
It's kind of tough to tell in this picture but those colored lines lit up
It is 100 degrees here! Luckily I spent most of the weekend indoors
Asuma! His chakra blade things were particularly impressive
This guy was kind of freaking out in the corner
I love the view from the top of the escalator
The view from the other escalator, down in the fountain area
Vic stands with the long shadow of responsibility. It's tough to keep turning people away who really want to see our show
This is the most pitiful picture of the weekend.. a dirty blanket and pillow with an empty can of Four Loko. And this was inside the convention center!
Rainbow Dash!
Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and a blinged out Pinkie Pie!
Almost the full crew!
Two Applejacks, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and even Big Mac!
Amanda starts sorting ballots
"Count some ballots!"
So many ballots
Make nice little piles!
Joy checks her phone
It's Bob!
Mr. Big Important Vice Con Chair got a rascal this year!
Just a bunch of staffers with a box of homemade booze.. nothing to see here
Omar leads the way!
Glowsticks! This is how we're going to seat people this year
Hinata, Ino, and Tenten!
The whole Ouron host club
More Sailor Scouts
Lots of Minecraft cosplayers this year
That legendary bird from Pokemon
What's with all the giant controllers?
Metal Gear soldier
Now he actually does look surprised!
What are all these Luffys going after?
One of those aliens from Star Wars
Impressive Mass Effect costume!
Anyone who knows Vic will get the joke here..
This was my brilliant idea. Taping glow sticks.. to an actual stick! That'll make us much more visible during seating
We also set these up to direct people to specific colors
This is what the sticks look like when you wave them around
Our backstage area
Full house!
We packed that place to the brim!
OK, there were a couple of seats, but they were so bad we didn't even consider them actual seats
Count, count, count! We only have an hour or two before the results are due!
Amanda and Joy get into their Render-chan and Error-chan costumes for Iron Editor
These staff pool folks were very helpful in counting. This girl here was a Nikon fan and kept hassling me for taking her picture with a lowly Nikon
We used that box for ballots and called them Quaker Votes
Peter hosted Iron Editor this year. He stayed in his costume since the theme was "Vampires Suck"
Iron Editor as seen from the back of the room
The Iron Editor crew
Peter and Amanda dig through the prizes to see if there's anything good
Peter was an excellent host
Kiarrens! This year's challenger. She did the "It's a Small World" AMV from Anime Boston
And of course, Chris is back as the defending champion
Erica really got into the Vampire theme! And this stupid microphone messed up my photo!
Ooo, so pretty
Jefferson loves photography
I was hoping to get a better version of this picture of Vic and his server but never did. I call it "The Man and the Machine"
Mike, Amanda as Error-chan, and Joy as Error-chan
These two were way too good at "name the anime". They went forever!
Sailor Moon!
Daft Punk!
The trenchcoat really helps to make this photographer look less creepy.....
Peter and Katie won Upbeat with their amazing original song and video about Squid Girl! This guy came running up to be in the picture
The Iron Editors are running out of time!
What's this face all about, Bryce?
A closeup of a portal gun
Chris won again! Congrats! Can he pull off the hat trick next year?
This group even had a space sphere cosplayer!
One of the back hallways that we call "Jeffrey tubes" for some reason
Bryce says "think I can pull this off?"
Aaaand no.
Bryce is obviously pretty bored
More balancing?
What're you drinkin'? What're you buyin'?
These guys are standing where I stood when I took my Powershot's last ever photo, launching me into the DSLR world
Now here is some real creativity. He made a costume entirely out of those free super saiyan hair things from the Dealer's Room! Everyone loved him
Oh no! This guy's wheeling Otakon away!
Super Saiyan Hair Man was showered with praise
Troll man!
Cause that's what anime cons are all about
My staff badge this year. And I got a spiffy ribbon for donating to Japan!
I found our glow sticks! It turns out the next group also used them for easting.
The gofers who worked for us got a pretty sweet gig. Mostly hanging out and watching AMVs
I really like this picture. Something about the composition. I think it's a lot better than if I had asked him for a picture and he was just standing there
Why are there so many taiko drum games?
Gaming goggles?
Splash Woman! The only female megaman villain
The Hellsing cosplayers come well armed
This could be a decent wallpaper!
Every time we left AMV Ops we had to hold the door closed for 30 seconds or it wouldn't lock
Rolling the server back to AMV Ops
Panty and Stocking! The last cosplayer photo for the main Otakon batch! What a year!
You are viewing images from 07/31/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 210 pictures.
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