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Apparently we have something like 100,000 more 18+ wristbands than we need
This sign lies!
Jeff makes notes of the signs in stock
Omar ran through a strip of 18+ wristbands like the end of a race
Omar got us all excited about getting soft pretzels, and then suggested bringing down plates of mustard
Nothing to see here. Just a guy with a plate of mustard
"Oh yeah, that's the good stuff"
Vic seems less excited about mustard. He must have known that when we got down there the pretzel place would be closed
Otakon feedback
What is Alan talking about?
Waiting in the hot hot sun for Vic to come pick up the equipment in the van
We don't know who this guy is, but he was very helpful!
The Companion Cube ballot box!
Relaxing with some good ol' fashioned Four Loko
A little downtime before the Dead Dog
See? There are some pictures of me at Otakon
Oh no! They closed Burke's! And I never went!
I really like this picture. Wait up, guys!
The bat twins!
Fancy tripod
Sunset in Baltimore
It seems so empty now
The Dead Dog staff party
Time to relax and eat some dinner
These guys sat next to me. They work in Workshops
Jeff's just happy there are no more signs to print
Otakon gave us a free drink ticket
I'm not sure this counts as planking..
Vic's famous WoW hat
The Otakon higher-ups
Bob, the Otakon con chair
Jennifer announced that we had raised a crazy amount of money for Japanese relief
Jeff announces.. I don't know, I forget
Omar's finally here!
Baltimore declared us the "customer of the year"
Seee? Fancy award
They even gave us a funny little cake
One of the benefits of working in Pub Ops is that you can really easily print novelty badges
Sign the giant Otakon logo! It got way more full later on
One more shot of our award and cake from Baltimore
My signature!
Amanda is ready for this weekend to end
Mmm, coffee drink
Miso soup
Giant pile of sushi!
Wasabi and pickled ginger
Mmm, sushi
I bet this shot makes you hungry
This giant gummi worm looks... like something else
This candy shop is crazy
Well, I suppose that's it. Everything's packed up, we're fed, another year in the books
Vic got a pretty sweet Otakon 2011 shirt
And I really want Jeff's shirt
The sun sets in Baltimore as I look out on the Southwest fleet
The last little bit of sun!
You are viewing images from 08/01/11 in the main gallery. This set contains 57 pictures.
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